UFO Appears Over Air Force Base Over San Antonio, Texas On Oct 7, 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Oct 7, 2015
Location of sighting: San Antonio, Texas, USA
Source: MUFON #71231

The digital eye is more perfect and can catch most the things we miss. Here we have a UFO that looks almost like a human figure hovering in the sky far above the F-16s. Aliens have a high interest in the USAF and they are probably observing, but it can also be an experimental craft not yet known to the public, with an F-16 escort. 
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states:
This was only seen in a photo after the fact. There were many planes flying by, all F-16s which are common around here since we have multiple AFB. I was taking photos of my son in the park and turned the camera to the planes flying by. The submitted picture is the end result... The first photo is as the plane is directly in front of me with nothing interesting in the picture but the F-16 itself. The second is as it flys away. However in this picture please review the top right hand side of the picture above the plane. This anomaly does not appear in any other photo I took today so I don't believe it's a lens or sensor issue...


  1. Straight up looks like a wizard

  2. Beware,,,Marry Poppins is back and she's not happy,or Catweazle finally got magic to work..Weird pic, does look 'person' like !

  3. a reptoid!
    wearing their typical robe,the green color of the head gives the answer if it's a tall grey or a reptoid... When they fly over that base they observe for some technology to find out about the military got there

  4. Looks like a skydiver in a wingsuit to me. Nothing special here

  5. I think that its a ET observation drone craft, & you may realize Scott that a secret USAF/NAVAL anti grav test would not be near ANY active aircraft flight ranges youd think so right...

    Thats why i believe its a ET observation craft, & as you noted they are very interested in are infant stanged flight prog's weve developed over the last century, & w/ the alarmed higher ups on the base knowledge, & if i were base commander id tell the operations pilots, crews & staff not to muck w/ it unless it proved "DANGEROUSLY THREATNING TO CREWS, HANGERS, BUILDINGS & EQUIPMENT" w/ out reason of a dought, or just leave it alone & let it observe...

    This as you may know Scott would show indeed a Well Briefed base commander & staff imo, so what do you think fellow crew mates, or do ya, come on now crewmates wheres your "Thinking Helmets" now slip em on & flip the switch now & watch the visor.

  6. I think you need to keep your camera out of the garage next to the trash. I saw one other video that you posted like this in Texas. The one with the two helicopters being passed by a UFO. This is now an IFO, a fruit fly crawling down your camera lens...... Randolph AFB is the San Antonio base you referred to. Randolph is to the USAF, what Pearl Harbor is to the USN. I do however believe the pics that were taken of a(n) F104 UFO Sighting Photos leaked out of NASA-Johnson Space Center, 100% clear UFOs In High Detail. that you have on the left......that one is very possible. I know specifically of aircraft in our arsenal currently that will do mach 5 and can do a trans-global flight in about 3 hours, which the public may not see for another 10-15 years.

    1. But on the other hand ET just may want to know if those mach 5 craft as you claimed are NUCLEAR CAPABLE, UC or dont C...

      Its YOUR WORLD fpilot 15, & THERES TOO if we whish to admit this, & they have hidden surface earth base locales, & underground earth cities, bases under your oceans, & also inside your hard to get volcanic mountain ranges before we either was presented or had really originally conceived & built the wheel...

      Imagine a infestation of cock roaches in the humdreds if not thousands inside the walls & furnature of some filthy nasty home, you wont see them @ 1st tho your certain they are there w/ out reason of a dought, or a Ah Hum, a global INSECTOID infestation, thats not readily visable to US UC but still there.

    2. Some are nuclear capable as that currently is the best source for 15,000kv potential step ups to date. Most of these work on a pulse type technology between two oppositely charged grids...ion principle. The earth is honeycombed with trails, tunnels and bases, many even have an existing railroad between them. You are right. John Q public has no idea of their existence, nor will have no confirmation of such because of the nature of their secrecy. Some are in conjunction with our own governments, some are not. It is with this knowledge that I speak with you. Pay close attention to the planned MARS missions and some of the upcoming FOI (freedom of Information) articles. We received answers many years ago from information we sent to the Crabb nebula in the orion constellation. Such answers as to the questions we posed. questions such as "We believe you have visited our planet, if so what is the means of your travel?" Answer received " We arrived on a red-orange wavelength, and leave on a blue green wavelength of ionic and magnetic propulsion." Other statements such as "We are the third planet in a system of nine from our sun, which is a yellow star." Answer was "No, you are a system of 12, of which your position was fourth, but is now Third, as one has become tidally locked into the gravity and consumption by your star." ( I believe the "vulcan" planet that was discovered, tracked, then it vanished from our sight) These "answers" came from the area of the knife hanging from Orions' Belt, a system of 7 stars, during the time of Project "Bluebook"

  7. That would be a revolutionary news if it would have been true. Still there are some controversy going on so we do not actually know the truth. Other information are given in this active military bases in Texas site.


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