Drone Found Crashed On Mars Near Rover, Oct 2015, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: 2012? Enhanced Oct 2015
Location of discovery: Mars, Sol 64
Source Photo: http://mars.jpl.nasa.gov/msl-raw-images/msss/00064/mcam/0064MR0285005000E1_DXXX.jpg

Of course Paranormal Crucible is correct. He thinks this object looks like a drone, and that is an assumption we made several years ago when finding it, but I really like his cleaned up photo of the object and his new perspective. It gives us a chance to look at it as it was when it was made, and how it might have been used. 
Scott C. Waring

Paranormal Crucible of Youtube states:
The anomaly which appears to be the result of intelligent design was photographed by the rover as it surveyed the area around rock nest at Gale Crater. In my opinion this object is an extraterrestrial drone possibly built by the indigenous Martian populace or perhaps it was deployed by an off world alien species who were exploring the martian surface. This object was found a few years back, but i will be re-visiting some old discoveries and shedding new light on what they could actually be. Drone footage is from the movie Oblivion.


  1. I found this several years ago only I think it looks lije a wheel with a hub cap

  2. The " Manifold' was discovered on Sol 64. Looks like part of a water system ( plumbing) to me but being an alien part goodness knows what it's for. It's too bad they don't go over to things like that. NASA tends to move the rover away from anything really interesting. I have always thought it was because of their non interference policy regarding alien contact. It explains the behavior and the half assed attempt to cover up interesting photos. I doubt that NASA will fly the first manned mission because of this. They leave enough in the photos to tease and subtly show whats going on but only enough so those who are observant, and those who care about such things will see.

  3. Look likean old thing like this http://www.drakkar-models.fr/historique/miniatures/tourelle-somua-s35-bunker-mur-atlantique.jpg
    there is a "gun" and the ehanced image completly make it dissipear...

  4. This is great discovery but who is to say that is not from Russia?

  5. The 1st thought i had Scott was it being akin to a pressurised related water valve sys part/piece, tho the theory of something else as a drone is possible too perhaps unless a survey of the surrounding areas its located in is made to anylize any possible related parts lying nearby, & also mainly taking up close & personal Hi Def pics & vids of this thing & other anomalies that im certain they have done other than surveyin for "Strategic Minerals" i,g. which i suspect that they are doing in the 1st place, tho there are scientific heads in the mix i do believe thats realy & truly scientifically curious, however do not whish w/ the SG to share this knowledge yet but i personally hope itll be real soon tho.

  6. This was all filmed on Devon island Canada so I would think it is a alloy wheel and one last thing we have pic of rover there on island

  7. Wow that looks amazing just proves we are not alone lol


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