UFO Cloud Over Greensboro, North Carolina On Nov 29, 2015, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Above photo has added shadows only. You can even see the bottom of the ship, the dome top and the thin dome bottom.

Date of sighting: November 29, 2015
Location of sighting: Greensboro, North Carolina, USA
News source:  http://myfox8.com/2015/11/29/ufo-cloud-spotted-in-greensboro/

I wanted to see the detail of the cloud so I added some shadow to it and I began to see a domed bottom area of the UFO. The UFO itself looks gold but is covered in thick layer of cloud. The shading cut through it about 80%. Its a well known fact among UFO researches that UFOs frequently create a thin layer of cloud around their ships in order to observe humans closer without frightening them. 
Scott C. Waring

Myfox8.com News states:
GREENSBORO, N.C. – Has a “UFO cloud” been spotted in Greensboro? Check out this photo that was sent to FOX8’s Chad Tucker that features a cloud that bears a striking resemblance to a UFO. Joseph Stewart‎ sent the photo on Sunday and said the “flying saucer-looking cloud” was spotted near Brassfield Shopping Center on Battleground Avenue in Greensboro. “It may not make the news, but I thought it would bring a smile,” Stewart‎ said on Facebook. “Have a blessed Sunday.”

Above screenshot has added shadows only.