Kim Wilde says UFO 'changed her life' day after Michael Jacksons death, June 26, 2009, UFO Sighting News.

Date of article:  Dec 2, 2015
Date of sighting: June 26, 2009
Location of sighting:
News source:  http://www.therecord.com/whatson-story/6154601-kim-wilde-thinks-ufo-changed-her-life-/

I remember reporting a green light seen over MJs home on the day of his death and reported it on this site back in 2009..MJ didn't die, he just went home. Kim is talking about her sighting, and trusting all of you to take her seriously. Don't betray that trust. A person talking about their sighting is often difficult if they have never before believed in aliens. Thank you Kim.
Scott C. Waring

News states:
Kim Wilde claims seeing a UFO "changed her life". The 'Kids in America' singer is convinced she and her friend spotted an otherworldly being in the sky six years ago and the encounter made her feels more "connected" to the universe. She said: "I was in my garden with a friend, the day after Michael Jackson died, and we saw two bright lights in the sky. They were about 20 times the size of an aeroplane. They were hovering and then zig-zagging really quickly for about 10 minutes. It was in the local paper as we weren't the only ones who saw it. It changed my life. "I feel connected to the universe and it's made me really inspired, full of wonder and hope. I believe it's similar to when someone says they've seen God." Though Kim is not religious, she believes she is "eternal" and her spirit will live on forever. She told OK! magazine: "I feel I'm eternal, that's all I know but that's a big thing to know. "I had a sense of it before but now I know. I think my husband and I are on the same page about it, both of us think we will be making that journey together."


  1. I saw a craft signal me three times . Afterward you feel connected. I told only my wife who thinks me crazy. This happened in 2008. Got me interested enough then Streetcap was born.

    1. Peace love & enlightment Streetcap!

    2. Thank you streetcap for all your hard work at disclosing the truth.

  2. Thanks for all you do sir, your work is nothing short of amazing. Happy holidays to you and your family. You too Scott....

  3. I for one am glad Streetcap1 was born. Your work is outstanding Thank you!

  4. green light (object) right at his time of death?
    well i hope it was benevolent occupied and they took him (soul) home.
    But could also be malevolent! The greys do collect human souls (life essence) for feeding reasons or transplant it into their
    soulless hybrid bodies! I know from credible sources that they've these "cube s", these boxes for storage and collecting and hold a human soul in captivity till they need it!!
    So thats why I'm very scared of these huge "cubes", the cube Ufos that were seen from time to time. The last good one above Texas in the clouds. A black porthole opened and a large cube came out! What if these cubes are the big versions of the little collectors? That the plan is to collect all our souls by a giant attack...

    1. That sounds scary .how do you know this.

    2. The Hybrids will be the "New World Populace" of your present planet that your standing on for the time being, when after humanity here is sold off like a used auto by this worlds Global Robber Barons before there planned escape attempt from your world down here, & the remaining & suffering but total original human populace of earth are dying & died off those greedy & treasoness basterds may be light yrs gone & to where & what fate they might encounter those GRB's dont even know themselves i believe, but they do know that theres nothing left back here on earth after they have murderd & robbed it dry & w/ that thk'ing i wonder will they survive the vast cosmos of possibly melevolent beings thats far more superior in intellect & cunning...

      I hope that was not scary at all to some here, UC thats not my motive tho some things are indeed quite shocking to some from a rational thk'ing perspective.


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