Living Alien Claw In Mars Rover Photo!!! PIA16700 And 50 Anomalies!!! Dec 12, 2015, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: December 12, 2015
Location of discovery: Mars
Source Photo: http://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/catalog/PIA16700

This is a big photo guys, there are hundreds of alien artifacts here and I can only point out maybe 20 or so because that just to many hours of work, so for that I apologize. I will however update it a second time in a few days. This...below is only half the main photo. Imagine the treasures the other half must have!

On the hand that is visible on the far left of the screen, you can easily make out pointed fingernails and joints of the fingers. I wonder what NASA said when they saw this alien? Instead of covering it up, they cut it out, but failed when the accidentally left its fingers. 

Scott C. Waring-Taiwan


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    1. Yes theres a lot of DELIBERATE photo shoping, & airbrushing if looked at real carefully thats done so that you cannot clearly make out structures, beings or creatures etc...

      When i look more closely at the 11:00 position of the 1st pic w/ the so called claw, well what i see is what seems to me molten rocks & or metals that has been exposed to extremely intense radiating heat to cause them to look molten instead than just plane eroded cracked aged & pitted rocks imo, also notice the layered pile to the claws right that indicates to me a erosive effect on possible structures in the gen area, a archeological grave yard of this solar sys's vacinitys history if only my pals NO, YOUR PALS OUR PALS @ NASA/SecGov just loosen up now...


  2. If that true, then its NASA that photoshoped it. Check my source link and see it on the NASA site. Its there, but yes, NASA does photoshop a lot.

  3. Holy sweet mother of baby Jebus, Aliens are real!!!! I never thought I would actually see the day where aliens are confirmed. Mum get the camera!!!

  4. That claw is creepier than hell! Diablo! I didn't see the faces till you pointed them out with the highlighted colors. Thanks shared it.

  5. Oh those silly Martians and their face fetishes

  6. NASA photo shops every photo that goes through their system. I've seen photos or images that were completely photoshopped and disgustingly labeled Raw. I have some pretty crazy images I was able to catch email me if you are interested in any leannmunoz@gmail.com

  7. I believe in UFO'S. They are out there. There is intelligent life. The galaxy is 13.4 billion years old while earth is 4.5 billion years old. So anything near the centre would be way more advanced than we could ever imagine. I believe we should educate people and expose alien proof/existence etc. But this crap about finding bullsh*t on Mars is stuffing up all hope of getting people to believe. Do you not believe in erosion on Mars? Meteors? Any number of things that can shape and shift? Is it not possible that the rubbish that you are posting as sightings, alien life whatever is just utter bull? Do you not think that if nasa where posting pics continously that they would be able to tell us what is real or fake? And if there was something real they might not even post it? You're making the believe of intelligent life a four letter word.


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