Boat Found On Mars Near Rover, Jan 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: January 2016
Location of sighting: Mars 
News source: http://www.marsmoonspace.com/
Photo: http://mars.nasa.gov/mer/gallery/all/1/n/4236/1N504250379EFFCOTZP1802L0M1.JPG

This craft was found by MMSPZC of Youtube. They found a craft that resembles a boat, which really makes a lot of sense since even NASA has admitted that there were oceans on Mars long ago. Over the last few years, many UFO researchers have even found trees, bushes, rivers and lakes, the kind of stuff NASA doesn't want you to know about. Disclosure is coming and it the public thats bringing it. 
Scott C. Waring


  1. Looks like a boat... Great catch.

  2. Why are They hiding Ufo?

  3. That ship is very interesting yes indeed.

  4. Taking into account the 'Mars' pictures of a squirrel & a rat, & now a boat, would it not add credence to the assertion that the Mars rover is actually on Earth somewhere?
    There's plenty of evidence that shows NASA's publicity/information dept. is run by a pack of liars who treat the public like mushrooms (kept in the dark & fed bullshit)

  5. They could very will be inserting the fake picks w/ actual pics of relics of mars too, because im beginning to realize that theres constant activity on mars that the rover cannot avoid that the Sec Gov does not want earth masses to see & come to righteously realise, this now is what i believe is going on, & by inserting fakes w/ some actual but smudged out real pics to cause confusion & distrust among the curious by inserting fakes from Devon island & obfuscation of real images mixed 2gether UC...

    Remember theres Strategic Minerals that the earth based GRB's wants to exploit from mars & local asteroids before they write humanity dwn here off like old & damaged machine parts, as most of US realize on Scotts blog is that recently rumor is that asteroids a a chuck full of so called "Strategic Minerals" that the pwrs that be dwn here wants & will claim if allowed by of course ET who just may have now get this, "Property Rights" & will not let those earth based Global Robber Barons get there clammy hands on there property's to exploit for there selfish personal wall st speculatin ends like theyve done dwn here...

    They ET that owns that orbiting property knows whats up "Pun Intended" w/ the GRB's & just may in time i see deal w/ them accordingly.

  6. I belive that there still. Maybe life inside the planet Mars. As well as a lot more of the planets.As well as Mother Earth. But some of these photos, are very blurred. It's hard to define, exactly what they be.

  7. Y'all are just reaching for anything

  8. So thats where i parked it! Man i must have been pretty drunk that time.


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