Alien Ship Found In Tycho Crater, Moon, NASA Archives, Feb 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Feb 2016
Location of discovery: Tycho crater, Earths moon

This spaceship was found by Streetcap1 of Youtube. The human eye has difficulty making out detail in black and white (so says neuropsychology). So if you cannot make out the ship, take some time to look at it and let your eyes adjust to the shadows and light. This is an amazing find. The ships front cockpit windows are visible and dark black. The ship is symmetrical from bow to stern. 


  1. It certainly has that somewhat stylized delta & conopied molded shaped body confiq of a delta shaped space craft of some kind if ya ask me Scott & fellow crewmates...

    Look at it over & over very closely w/ out any preconcived mental prejudice, & youll notice sculptured lines on the fuselage of the craft too, & after eons of martian surface time & added visual obfuscation prog's itll look like a smudgy rock, the way the Sec Gov wants us to thk while they covering up mars history & at least try to claim the minerals in there stationed designated areas given to them by those regional martians that are not only hosting & protecting them but imo now are making sure that earths secret SSP operatives not get harmed from those other factions of martians whom resides in there locales end up killing some SSP operatives, hell just like the craps happening in the Middle East w/ are Special Forces teams, tho on mars SSP troops surviving in earth human accommodated bases in those harsh mars outback regions via a group of martian ET's who contracted w/ the U.S. gov 1st to accomplish this.

    1. Scott, I remember you posting another NASA pic of a delta shaped derelict ship on mars surface, tho this one was the same design but had folded up tips on the wings outer edges instead, you know it seems that there are variations of this tri shaped vehical on mars, & i strongly suspect that most were capable of aquatic travel too when you consider that sting ray shape of the crafts frame i,g..

    2. LOL, actually I and Streetcap1 have posted so many its hard to remember. He roles like a bro. Yeah, I sort of remember that one and yes, 100% chance of these working in water as in space. The earth is 75% water, that a lot of room for a base under not on, the ocean floor. We think a like most the time x-15.

    3. Were are not the only ones here that think the same pal, theres others out there too, & more to come.

  2. Yes i do believe now that there are martians of lesser political pwr aside there martian elite classes, who obviously do not have the pwr as there martian elites to remove the SSP there, & yes one of the functions i do believe now that these contracted elite martian ET's have w/ this worlds Sec Gov is to make sure that there safe & protected not only from potential canarverous creatures out there in the martian outback, but also from those opposing martian factions that do not want them there in the 1st place on anywhere on mars, or even in there safe tho restricted territories given to the them by those very martian elite class for what ever crazy reason that i cannot even hardly fathom, but one thing for sure the SSP apparently is no match weapons sys's wise against any technicalized non homeless & armed martian society that just may be capable of not only fighting back, but fighting back w/ lightning blue deadly efficiency to boot.


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