Cover Stone, Ship and Buildings Found On Comet 67P In @NASA photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: February 25, 2016
Location of discovery: Comet 67P (singing comet)
Source photo: http://www.esa.int/spaceinimages/Images/2016/01/Comet_on_31_December_2015_OSIRIS_narrow-angle_camera

Here is something I found the other day and its been on my mind a lot today. I found a cover stone, you know, like the one in the movie Stargate that covered the buried Stargate.  The decoration on the top seems to resemble the old Japanese flag, like a sun with rays of light coming out. I believe this is the top of a building. There is a lot of debris spread over about 40% of the top, and 20% of the top is missing because the original photo is cut off there. I also found a triangular building. Its not a wall, its a building with a round structure in its center (below photo). There was also a long ship docked not far away. The evidence of intelligent life having used this comet is mounting. Since NASA first heard its song 20 years ago, this comet has acted like an outpost, signaling not to greet, but to confirm the territorial rights of the species that owns this area of space. 
Scott C. Waring


  1. news for you, well the NHRA drag racing evernt is in chandler Arizona taking place now , and nuforc.com webmaster had report on noory show talking about large white triangle with helicopter following it in CHANDLER Arizona which is essentially phoenix area. always wondered if aliens saw those very fast racing at that yearly phoenix event. its likely they know earth people like speed and light spectacles . maybe you could e mail jeff willes of ufosoverphoenix .com as he is in that area and he might consider attending the drag racing event at wild horse racing park. sure he knows about that place and he might want to to go sunday to he can watch the skies and possibly catch a ufo.. it would be worth a try. check NHRA.COM for a rundown of whats taking place as aliens do appear at rock concets and super bowls etc.

  2. Yes, outpost such as these on those mineral rich comets, planitoids etc, just may pose in my estimation a potential threat to this worlds future space SecGov & GRB backed space mineral plunderers to steal those minerals off them like takin candy from a earth infant in there greedy minds opinions...

    But it wont be easy for them unless they agree w/ the owners of those minerals terms, & i would imagine some ET owners would not give up there posessions to this earths robber baron elite to easily neither w/ out a potential deadly fight imo...

    The SSP's Solar Warden Military Tactical Units is limited to offensive tactics against individuals that can literally vaporize them out of the scene via a bright scarlet blue flash of extreme laser pwr, just one of there weaponized deadly defensive tactics that they can use against the SSP, so why get stupid NEGOTIATE w/ those powerfull ET owners instead that they should wisely do regarding there property, hell some of them just may be nice & reasonable business partners, until the SecGov & GRB's try to scam them & as a result end up getting zapped out of existence over tryin to steal ET's property rights.

  3. I want to believe in this like this more than anything, but they are just shapes. Nothing more. Just shapes of ice and rock on a comet floating through space.


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