UFO Hovering Over Cattle In Mountains of Patagonia, Argentina On Feb 2016, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: February 22, 2016
Location of sighting: Mountains of Patagonia, San Martin De Los Andes, Argentina
News source: http://www.cronica.com.ar/article/details/55191/conmocion-por-ovni-en-montanas-de-la-patagonia

This UFO is hovering near the mountain of Patagonia, and I have a feeling that its a scientific data collecting craft. The kind that either takes the animal away with it, or it dissects the creature there on the ground with laser sharp tools. The fact that its over cattle proves that it finds the animals interesting.

The shape of this Argentina UFO matches the shape of the UFO seen back in 1999 at Mount St Helens volcano, WA. There a team of 14 forestry service workers saw an elk lifted up and taken away by this shape of craft. Below is a art rendering of what they saw.
Scott C. Waring

News states:
Commotion was caused by a UFO in the mountains of Patagonia. The sighting happened between San Martin de los Andes and Villa Meliquina. The discovery was made when a family returned from vacation and carefully viewed the photos on a big screen. They noticed a foreign object in the air. Thus they came to have these shocking images, which would document the presence of a UFO on Patagonian soil. It is clear that then, this flying saucer, and when analyzed the photo with equipment that allows give breadth and improve resolution to the decision, but nevertheless it calls attention the place from where it was observed by the camera of this family, without people closer, and the height of the object in flight. According to experts, an RC drone could not be handled at a great distance, which increases further the belief that what was portrayed as part of their memories for summer holidays, was a UFO.


  1. You make money from these Scott? There's alot of evidence that 'we are not alone' don't mean too offend you, believe in other life in the cosmos, but not this crap.

    1. LOL, no I make no money from this site. I post the evidence I find that seems convincing to me. Maybe I'm an idiot for not wanting to make money, but its not my purpose here. 99% of other UFO sights do make money with their ads.

      I do feel this post is very credible and their is evidence from past sightings to back it up.

    2. Nice response scott

  2. I would not mind at all if you, or Streetcap1 made money,considering the time and energy you devote. However I can understand how it might make your observations appear less credible. Your payment is in respect sir.

  3. I believe because why in a open area? Just saying that makes sense for a UFO to be were there's no people around in the wilderness.

  4. I believe because why in a open area? Just saying it makes sense for a UFO to be in the wilderness where nobody's around.

  5. Scott, I think you need to remember the U in UFO stands for unidentified.

    I think you offend a lot of researchers by instantly saying every single UFO is definitely an alien and proof of ET life.

    Sometimes it's much better to just offer an image and say it's unidentified and leave it at that.

    You truly hurt your credibility by claiming every single one is definitely an alien.

  6. No, not every single one. Just the ones I post. I sort through a load of crap on the internet, as sieve through it all to find the sightings with the highest chance of being authentic. As for offending other UFO researchers, maybe if they would get off their lazy asses and actually do some useful research for the public, but only a few do, and you will see those that I respect on this site. Too many UFO researches spend so much time debunking things, that they take us steps backwards in our search. Ignore the crap and only look at authentic evidence. I can see you are a skeptic, and think you are doing good by taking this side, but in reality, its just another thing that takes UFOlogy backwards. Lets move forward.

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