Buildings Found On Google Moon On March 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Building in orange, face in yellow.

Date of sighting: March 2016
Location of sighting: Earths Moon
Google Coordinates: 42°40'1.29"S    12°11'26.49"W
Google coordinates: 42°40'1.29"S     12°11'26.49"W

Here are some interesting discoveries by Marcelo Irazusta or Argentina. There is actually a lot of structures, but many are hard to focus. I colored the buildings orange, and the best face yellow. Below you see a dark black face circled. It didn't want to color it, because it may cover up its dark black color and detail. The structures show a chaotic unbalanced symmetry,  so I believe they were biomechanical in nature...grown. Excellent find by Marcelo Irazusta.
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states:
The Argentine researcher Marcelo Irazusta surprises us once again with a new discovery on the surface on the Moon. NASA images published by Google Moon show the existence of regular structures that do not respond to a natural geological formation. You can also observe an area (square) Perfect 35 meters per side, with the course of the day illuminates with greater intensity. The images are free access of all those who have the application of Google and coordinates to locate are: 42 ° 40'1.29 "S 12 ° 11'26.49" W 

 El investigador argentino Marcelo Irazusta nos sorprende una vez mas con un nuevo descubrimiento sobre la superficie de la Luna. Las imagenes de la Nasa publicada por Google Moon muestran la existencia de estructuras regulares que no responden a una formacion geologica natural. Tambien puede observarse un area (cuadrado) perfecta de 35 metros por lado que, con el transcurso del dia se ilumina con mayor intensidad. Las imagenes estan al acceso libre de todos quienes tengan la aplicacion de Google y las coordenadas para ubicarlas son: 42°40'1.29"S 12°11'26.49"W


  1. You're title says found using Google Earth. But this is a post about the moon. Just a bit of helpful advice!

    1. The application is entitled "Google Earth", but you can not only search the Earth, but the Moon, Mars and Sky within the app.

  2. Very possible! Why not? If 100 people are subject to a one way trip to mars..surely some very intelligent architects are working on structures to be built for these brave explorers.entirely possible structures exist on the moon.

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