Exploring Doctor Who's Blue Tardis On Google Earth, March 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: March 2016 
Location of sighting: London, England 
Google Coordinates: 51°29'31.56"N 0°11'34.74"W 

Who doesn't love the show Doctor Who? I know I'm a fan, but so is someone at Google. They planted a blue Doctor Who telephone booth on Earls Court Road in downtown London. They even allow you to step inside and explore it a little bit. Very exciting if you are a Who fan. 

Remember most the inventions today, were just props 50 years ago on TV science fiction shows, which inspire people to work hard to make such an thing. Like the iPhone for instance...was seen in Star Trek The Original Series often in Captain Kirks hand. The Tardis may be a work of scifi, but if an alien species has existed over a million years with technology, I am confident that they or their government will have such marvels. 
Scott C. Waring


  1. The police box has been there since, at least, 1996. You can also find once a Boscombe http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-dorset-26935540

  2. Thanks man, I'm a Who fan. My favorite Who quote is...“There's something that doesn't make sense. Let's go and poke it with a stick.”

  3. It seems I have read you say that perhaps Hollywood (et al) are desensitizing us to disclosure. It sure seems that way. So you like the good "Dr.", and old/new Battlestar Galactica, but whats your favorite?

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  5. The original "Outer Limits" eps, & ill tell ya why...

    Do you know that the original Outer Limits Sci/Fi TV shows producer by the name of Mr Leslie Stevens himself from texas had a military & military family background, & conn's to various intell agencies prior to his Outer Limits creation, tho you will notice the numerous expat OL actors thatll soon apear on the Star Trek 1st season & thru out ST's shows history, that Mr Gene Roddenberry would soon employ regularly on Star Trek ...

    And it was he, L Stevens who had really created Star Trek for Roddenberry, who was reportedly somewhat a Sci/Fi student of Stevens, whom Roddenberry would be present in a number of OL's studio production casting during the shows early to mid 60's telecast yrs before ST, tho little is known of this to the greater pub UC...

    And lets take this ship a altitude higher, thk'ing helmets straped snugly, now hold on to your control modules 321 oK, rumour has it that Mr L Stevens may have been or had conn's to this mystical group called "The Nine", & man after hearin that one then theres a lot to ponder there aint it, i mean eps like "The six finger, Chameleon, the Man Who Was Never Born", the Inheritors, dawn of the Purple Twilite, Soldier etc etc, i mean Stevens & Stefano had the viewing TV pub in those early to mid 60's practically scared shitless while expanding consciousness w/ those only approx totaled 34 eps they made if im correct, then by the mid 60's the show became so eerily controversial that ABC had fired Stafano the 1st seanson dir for a Mr Ben Brady if the names accurate for the 2nd season dir, still rollin strong in the 2nd season starting w/ soldeir blowin away the Sci/Fi TV pub, well by the end of the 2nd OL season ABC exec's decided to pull the plug for some strange reason on such a thought provoking Sci/Fi TV show of that era in americas entertainment time frame, i remember now why ABC pulled the plug on the 2nd to end, THOSE ABC EXEC MORONS WANTED MORE MONSTER F/X, & tone dwn the mystical philosophical lines, & both Stevens & Stefano thought that was totally rediculous, this is why that spectacular Sci/Fi show was removed by ABC imo UC...

    We will now return you to your mobile control modules.


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