Results of the Poll, Do you believe life once existed on Mars? UFO Sighting News.

The question was Do you believe life once existed on Mars?

Yes, and we are its descendants.          409 (55%) 
Yes, they died in war.                             213 (28%) 
 No, not in our solar system.                  108 (14%) 
 No, the rovers are on Devon Island.       43 (5%) 
 It did, but I left and came to this dump. 101 (13%) 

Number of Votes: 736,  Poll closed

I am a bit surprise that so many readers believe we are the descendants of Mars, but if the species that lived there was intelligent and able to leave the planet, then that would have a very high probability. Nice work everyone and thanks for voting. 
Scott C. Waring


  1. So the question is "do you believe life once existed on mars" yet there is not just a simple yes answer. I believe there was once life on Mars but I don't totally agree that we are descedents of Martians. Where's the simple yes vote!?

  2. If there was life on mars witch there was then it would make the most sence to travel to earth wether they were advanced enough or dropped off here by alienes, youd have to be ignorant to say there isnt other life out there ,im sure the earth has been being used long before anyone thinks and we be used later down the line untill its destroyed like mars and some of us are moved to a new world and so on it goes..so I was told ,alot is being hidden from humanity.

  3. You must realize that even the ancient martians are considered alien to our YOUR way of life on earth even tho the average earth human size "Full Human" martian male/female is sexually compatible to create offsprings w/ even 2days earth Full Human Humanoid, & possibly one of the reasons if not the greatest reason why thos fathers of NASA those Break Aways or SecGov whom are the same org, & whom created NASA in the 1st place do not want what they found regarding what id call the "Full Human Humanoid" humans of mars ancient past whom also consisted of primarily various human beings of color, & one of the main reasons why they want mars ancient history suppressed, they must have realize that martian genetic decendents are presently residing on this earth at this time, & dont want this known to the global public under any circumstances in those expat NAZI's opinions..

    You must understand that those NAZI expat scientist etc were a group of mostly racist SoB's who when they landed on mars im guestimating around the late 40's to early 50's via Gravity Wave Tech given to them by a group of reptilian humanoids who had the same philosophical belief sys's, & that or still do resides on the moon gave this tech to the NAZI expats, & after receiving this grav wave technology & shortly there after they were able to exlpore 1st the local solar sys, anyway appon arriving on mars they were in states of shock & dismay to seeing in a way to them would be akin to a 2days "Right Wing Christian Fundie" walking along modern day diverse venice beach california, the life style scene was so radical to those NAZI scientific expats, that they instructed NASA after they created that org, & incidentally out of dozens of alphabet soup acrynon spelled gov orgs that those NAZI expats had created here after paper clip, so they instructed NASA after the find to not say anything absolutely anything regarding ruins, cultural finds or any technological finds that they had discovered on mars & perhaps the moon too UC...

    The ET technology those expats aquired made them into the SecGov thats atop of the occult pyrimidal structure of things here on earth to come & possibly beyond that these lifeless, spiritless, impulsively dominating basterds have in mind for earths innocent humanity.


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