Meteorite Hunters In Florida Find Four Meteorites, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Jan 24, 2016
Location of discovery: Florida, USA
News source:  http://www.wuft.org/news/2016/02/21/this-is-how-meteorite-searchers-found-those-that-landed-near-lake-city/

These meteorite hunters found several of a fallen meteorite a while back. A very cool discovery. Its really not as impossible as it sounds. Some of these meteorites predate the Earth, going back many billions of years. Its my belief that some meteorites might have alien nano technology in them...space junk of aliens if you will. To hold one in your hand feels amazing. Collecting meteorites is a hobby of mine. I recently purchased one from Russia that fell in 2013. Its in the mail and will be here in a few weeks. I will post photos of it when I get it. I bought it from Ebay last week. Its a lot easier than finding them, but the adventure to try, is exciting. 
Scott C. Waring

News states:
The last time a meteorite was found in Florida was in 1983. While it is rare for meteorites to be found in the state, six of them were recently found near Lake City. The meteorites are believed to be a result of a daytime fireball — a space debris randomly meeting the Earth’s atmosphere and producing an intense light — that travelled across the skies of northern Florida on Jan. 24 around 10:25 a.m., according to Vincent Perlerin, community manager for the American Meteor Society. Perlerin said the Society received about 120 eyewitness reports of this one. “Thanks to the reports we received about this event, we calculated a rough trajectory of the fireball and an estimated impact point,” Perlerin said. “We were very lucky this time. The first meteorite had been found less than 500 yards from our estimated impact point.” Mike Hankey, AMS operational manager, along with Larry Atkins, Laura Atkins, Josh Adkins and Brendan Fallon went hunting for the space rocks for several days in the dense swampland just north of the Osceola National Forest, located between Lake City and Sanderson. After tracking down the first four meteorites, it took the meteorite hunters two weeks to find the two remaining pieces, Hankey said. “The hardest part of the search is probably fatigue that sets in after walking around for eight-plus hours a day, multiple days in a row,” Hankey said. “Your body starts to hurt after awhile.”


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