The CIA declassified hundreds of UFO documents, video, UFO Sighting News.

CIA URL To UFO Files: https://www.cia.gov/news-information/blog/2016/take-a-peek-into-our-x-files.html

Here is a great video by Open Minds that discusses the CIAs release of a few CIA documents last month. I have to admit I am surprised the CIA would release the documents, but when you look at it, you will see the files have two extremes, half are extremely negative on UFOs, the other have are extremely positive on UFOs existing. Kind of the same thing the TV show X-Files does to its viewers. 

Its very important read these files, since they also teach you little tidbits of facts that take place before, during and after a UFO or alien sighting. These hidden facts will help you in detecting if a sighting is true or not and if you yourself may be experiencing such an event. 
Scott C Waring


  1. No suspected fault of you Scott, but id like to know if anyone had any recent computer prob's lately UC.

    1. A lot of UFO real pic originals in the 40's to around 70's of public caught flying disc pictures, because CGI simply did not exist & now theres imaging softwear that can digitally scan those old originals for any fake irregularities done if indeed was done, & a number of those old siteings via this scanning technique did not detect any toys, strings etc from those earlier siteing pics...

      In 3:15 that summer hat looking UFO reminds me of one those early break Aways UFO's that they flew often around the world until they moved full force to the moon before they set up NASA UC.

    2. Not necessarily computer problems but Google deleted my account and I'm using my backup one,

    3. I use a mac, not windows, and I always do a virus scan. I'm clean here. Not sure what problem other than lag on the site from so many on the site at once. What kind of problems do you have X-15?

    4. Ive found out what the prob was, & its the internal hardware in the device itself malfunctioning, so i chk'd & switched internal board components, & now its just fine Scott...

      Whew man, glad its not Sec/Gov distant comp espionage, ya do know there capable of doing remote hacking on ya if anyone gets to close to the truth UC, & thanks for being concern Scott & possibly other commenters here too, becaue i feel that this site is on the cutting edge of UFO blog sites, & again Thank You All.


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