UFOs Over Phoenix, Arizona On Feb 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: February 2016
Location of  sighting: Phoenix, Arizona, USA

This is a cool catch. It took place where a legendary sighting occurred back in March of 1997, what was called the Phoenix lights. The smaller light seems to have fallen from the larger one. Like a drone coming out of a main ship, to observe more safely and close up. 
Scott C. Waring

Jason Hunter of Youtube states:
This was sent to me by a viewer. Here is a UFO sighting happening right now in Phoenix. Viewer had to pull over to film in the darkness.


  1. yes, like nuforc guy said ,ufo's in chandler phoenix area, the weekend of the drag race event . still around, phoenix lights have been here since 1997 at least and before.

  2. wow,scary, earthfiles.com has loud boom and orb flash and picture of entire evening sky lit up! Scotland...if that ever happens here...well it did but intermittent smaller flashes for 20 minutes.

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    1. And how does this relate to ufos?

    2. Last night March 4 2016 scottdale arizona at about 10:50 PM a small triangular UFO flew down mcdowell road about 300 feet over frys parking lot closely dogged by a helicopter at first I thought it was four helicopters flying dangerously close to each other but only one light had a navigational flasher then the bottom three lights turned in unicin and I caould see the triangle shape of the craft between the bottom three lights that helicopter pilot was very brave he was right on top of that thing it was turning and twisting I got stopped at Scottsdale road by then they were by the zoo road and went up between the Papago buttes by the time I got to the top of the road overlooking Phoenix the four lights were gone saw a lone helicopter hoovering by the he zoo and normal sky harbor traffic but no triangle and nothing landed at the army base the rotors would still be turning and making a lot of noise .the poor video I got shows the flasher on the helicopter that was pursuing the craft and shows how low unfortunately the city lights drown out the dimmer lights of the craft.

    3. I don't need to see anymore I believe I had a daytime sighting about ten years ago several flyind discs fley right over sky harbor at about 1pm broad daylight over the runway when I saw them they were 200 feet above the ground looked like someone let a bunch of balloons go then the balloons like mechanically formed a perfect square then quickly went to a V shape lke birds and then a circle i was at work in an industrial park that was when I started knocking on doors to get other witnesses ten or twelve people watched with me.as the disks drifted westward and all sky harbor traffic had stopped for a while the formations couldn't have been random acts of the wind no way and like that it was over We.watched them climb and fly off to the west for about 5 minutes.

  4. Scott. I have some pictures to share with you. It seems activity/sightings is really picking up, even in East Tennessee. How do I get these photos to you?

  5. Damn airplanes!!!


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