Aliens Warn Drillers Of Oil Field That Below Ground Is ET Base, April 2016, UFO Sighting News.

Religious Buddha Symbol Meaning Pure Goodness. 

Date of discovery: April 10, 2016, but is at least 50 years old.
Location of discovery: Whites Sands, New Mexico, USA
Google coordinates: 33°12’22.6″N 103°35’05.3″W

Lets start off with this, because its most important. This is not a symbol of Hitlers Nazis, but is the ancient buddha symbol that means pure goodness...thats thousands of years old. You see, the Nazi cross turns the other way...and thats why Hitler took the buddha symbol and flipped it backwards, so it would mean pure evil, but here in the photo above is the pure goodness buddha symbol. I think I visit enough temples in Taiwan to be able to tell. 

Also the writing in the rectangle above is alien symbols. The symbols are very similar to those found at the Roswell UFO crash on small metal beams and parts. 

This formation is 600 meters by 491 meters across says Google ruler, if you don't count the circle thats all the way around it. This is far out there in an area called White Sands. This sign is 40 miles East of Roswell, NM the famous crash site of a UFO. There are alien words in the rectangle above. Words that declare ownership of the area. The same kind of writing found on fragments of the UFO that crashed at Roswell 40 miles away. 

So, you ask, why are aliens writing here in the middle of New Mexico? Its easy. This is a waring. There are thousands of oil rigs set up in this location. The closest one is just 40 meters away. Drilling down, deep into the ground, right through the ceiling of the oil and even below cutting through the floors of the oil lakes, causing it to spill down into the underground base. Yes, this symbol is there as a warning to humans...not to damage their base underground. The symbol of pure good at its center means that they don't want to pose a threat to us, only to share the land...below the ground. 
Scott C. Waring


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  2. What youve indicated there Scott is absolutely true regarding the ancient budda or what i surmise the "Budda Revolving Life Energy Symbol", that those perverse mystical elements during Hitlers rein found out about, & turned it towards instead a left turnin or counter clockwise reverse neg pole of energies spining opposite to harness those neg- charged energies from the more darker steller & spiritual realms of time & space instead of the forward right or counter clock wise spinning or pos+ charge pole of good energies that they seen in these opposing revolving energie fields to harness in my humbless of humble opinions...

    Hitlers scientific/mystical div's learned the meaning of this symbol simply by there research & study from various parts of the world particularly those eastern mystical philosophys concerning these kinds of energy harnesing human consciousness levels that they had learned & taped into, & so ultimately via this philosophy & learning how to utilize controled meditation they successfully contact beings thats from spirit poetals, they even contacted beings beyond this solar sys too that i suspect they had accomplished also, & as far back as the early 40's here in YOUR WORLDS last earth century that i envisioned fellow crewmates UC.

  3. Correction; the clockwise towards right position for those pos + life force energies...

    My bad.

  4. Well heck Scott & fellow crew, ya cant say that the scientific NAZI expats, the fathers of NASA & lastly but gastly the same fathers of the SecGov were total dummies, & just like that 60's NBC comedy TV series Laugh Inn's little german soldier while hiding & obseving enemy troup movemnts in the forest would say...

    Very Interesting, Mu ha ha ha ha ha ha on NBC's Laugh In 2night.

  5. The nazi cross was not inverted to mean pure evil. Stop making up facts.

  6. The nazi cross was not inverted to mean pure evil. Stop making up facts.


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