Ancient Skull Found Near Mars Spirit Rover, Sign of Solar Explosion, March 2016, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: March 31, 2016
Location of sighting: Mars
Source photo: http://areo.info/mer/spirit/550/tn/2P175192773EFFAD24P2353L5M1_L2L5L5L7L7.jpg.html

While looking through some old Spirit rover photos, I came across a skull tilted over on once side. The other side is hard to see due to shadows, so in the above photo, I copied half and flipped it over so we could see its full face. Its a skull for sure. The eye sockets really make that clear. Also the top of the skull has a rectangle like hat or crown attached to the skull. Notice also that the skull seems to be coated with a thin blueish material...perhaps from the suns solar explosion that NASA said occurred billions of years ago. 
Scott C. Waring


  1. Great find! I'm on your site everyday keep up the post! Also i'm seeing a few other things in the photo as well,a maybe carved face to the upper right of the skull along with what looks to be be a bowl or plate of some short sticking out of the ground in the back left, deffinetly not natural and also what could be a carving in the rock to the left of the scull looks like a "V" of some short.

  2. Also the "skull" as you call it isn't hollow, nor does it seem broken like a skull would be at tthe top. Look inside. It looks exactly like the rest of the rocks around it. No different at all.

    Why do think it isn't a rock? Seriously...

    1. Reply, Scott! We are all curious...tell us what we can do to figure it out.

    2. Every single skeleton, skull, bone fragment found on, under or in the Pompeii volcano extinction event, had all porous holes in the bone filled with lava and hardened carbonated soot. Every single bone fragment! Do you think after millions of years sitting in the weather itseems going to look nice and clean for you genius's? Lol.

    3. Obviously there will be degradation from decomposition and erosive processes. What I am asking is, how do we know this isn't a rock? It may resemble a skull, but without adequate lighting, i cant say one way or the other, if this is a skull, or an optical illusion due to circumstantial lighting and physical orientation.

  3. There is another face in this picture right above this 12 o clock deep eye sockets just stare at you

  4. C'mon! the mirror image mode on ur phone, IS this supposed to be a little -bit -late april fools joke?LOL

  5. REALLY LEE P? Do you seriously need this explained to you?

  6. The skull seems ELONGATED more so to me Scott than a possible crown on top of it...

    If this is a ancient martian humanoids skull then the bone structure of it must have been pretty resilient as to not deteriorate to dust via eons of martian above surface & sun UV time, unlike the alleged metalic looking mechanical arm that was photed on the harsh martian outback, but as for the skull, well lets say perhaps the then existing humanoids OR some of them just may have had a stronger physical constitution i,g. & in particular the calcium bone density & even perhaps a physical composition regarding bone density of some martian humanoids thats not yet known by scientist here perhaps too, & now ive came to realize that Hybrid Humans of various kinds just might have had contributed to physically stronger & more resilient beings in mars anchient past OR the skull itself may be recent say w/in 100yrs or 200yrs possibly, so we really cannot deduce anything regardin the skull unless NASA has the roover take closer & Hi Def pics & vids of EVERYTHING.


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