Google Deletes UFO Over Taiwan Military Base, April 2016, Google Works With US Govt. To Hide Aliens. UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Feb 2014
Location of discovery: Fangliao, Taiwan base
Google coordinates:  22°20'09.40”N 120°37'28.33”E

Google has done it again. I have reported UFOs on Google Earth, about 6 and all have them have been deleted. This one I reported 2 years ago and no, its photo wasn't updated. This UFO is on Google street view and its just gone. (Click here to see my old 2014 post of it.) The location is the same, the trees, leaves, lighting, even the reflection in the mirror on the corner of the road, but the UFO has beed photoshoped out by US government controlled Google. Yes, Google does work with secret organizations in the US govt and they do delete all UFOs found. Thats why every UFO must be recorded on Video. If you see any of the 6 videos I made with UFOs on Google you know they are real, but also that Google has deleted them.

Now...using a Google browser? Using a google phone? Trust them that much?
Scott C. Waring

Below is a old video I made of it. 


  1. your examples are two different photos of the same locale. The angles are totally different. I'm sure you also noticed the watermark (which may or may not be genuine) on the second one dated 2013? I don't deny that Google edits it's photos but sometimes your conclusions can be flawed.

  2. Aren't you using YouTube? That is owned by Google. I would expect them to delete your video, if they were really working for the government.


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