NASA Rover Sees Tower In Distance On Mars, April 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: April 2016
Location of discovery: Mars, sol 1283
Source phtoto: http://mars.jpl.nasa.gov/msl-raw-images/proj/msl/redops/ods/surface/sol/01283/soas/rdr/ccam/CR0_511399711PRC_F0531756CCAM02283L1.PNG

This is an unusual structure that looks like its been created by intelligent beings. It the far distance is a tower, and NASA has been very creative in that they have been using their micro imaging camera lately as you would a telescopic lens, to see things far away. Its actually a genius alternative use for the camera. 
Scott C. Waring


  1. You can also see a white spot on the ground, looks like it is made from the same material. And in front there are some pipes popping out from the rock

  2. looks like brick wall behind tower

  3. All the images i have seen today of Venus and Mars with constructions and buildings all the evidence seems to show now is our two neighbouring planets look abandoned? I find that odd aswell. No signs of life. If a probe were here sending images to another planet. Would it be people in the streets or cars moving or high rise buildings? Cats or dogs? Can you determine from flat images all of Earths big cities?. You would even get results of life if the probe landed in the sea.

    Ive always thought we were the lab rats. Disconnected thousands of years back as The result of worlds that refuse to get along in our own galaxy. We are sitting in the middle of peacefull worlds. Our continued need to build weapons or bombs that could threaten an entire galaxy if they wanted. We are watched and observed so if peace can not be achieved within this one world of the mix speices and war is the result or solution then if i lived on Mars or Venus its still too close. id abandoned quick aswell.

  4. Top right of picture. Alien being standing.

  5. All of the rover's photos may just be an area in Iceland. You can see a video of a man's curious findings in a region that looks just like Mars on their photos. It has NASA vehicles, tents, and rovers going around doing exactly what the peeps say the real things are doing on Mars. i think we may have a situation where the money for all this stuff is just being embezzled and the hoax stuff is the only real stuff pertaining to NASA.

    1. That could be true, that would explain the squirrel and the bison photos, but...not the statues, the ancient structures. How could an ancient culture been on the surface of Iceland without someone finding it all?


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