Argentina: Locals Witness UFO and Alien in El Dorado May 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: May 20, 2016
Location of sighting: Argentina
News source: http://inexplicata.blogspot.tw

This is cool. This week in a small village in Argentina, residents witnessed a UFO that landed in the area and an alien was seen walking about. This is highly unusual and has not happened very often except in secluded areas with small populations. Last time was at an elementary school in Africa. 

For aliens to risk their safety by walking around and examining the area, there must be something important about to happen in that area. Aliens live extended lives, even some that are immortal, but less they die in an accident. They calculate the risks and if the risk is too high, they don't do it. For them to do this, something more important than their own lives was at stake here. Otherwise they could have landed in a wooded area of a mountain hundreds of miles from the nearest human, but they didn't. They chose this village. Maybe an ancient clan of their species once had a base far below ground in the area and they are seeking its location. Thousand of years can cause them to forget exact locations. 
Scott C. Waring

Inexplicata news states:
Argentina: Locals Allegedly Witness UFO and Alien in El Dorado In the city of Santa Cruz, residents of the El Dorado District, El Bastión sector, claim having seen a UFO, alleging that an extraterrestrial creature. They believe the entity descended from its "craft" and that it made an effort to get back on board when detected by locals. The event took place at 10:00 in the evening. Local residents went as far as to note that the entity climbed through the trees. Students manage to photograph a gleaming light over their neighborhood. "Three students," alleges the news report, "were witnesses to the sighting from EL Dorado as they returned home from school. It all began with a bright light in the sky, when the unimaginable occurred." "Something came down, straight down," explains a female witness. "A light came straight down, more or less, and they say it lost itself in that tree. It tried to get into that house over there." Another woman adds: "A very loud sound was heard. All the signals (sic) went out. There was no way to record that sound. Suddenly it fell down and disappeared. I don't know what it could have been." "It happened at ten o'clock,"continues the narration, "local residents say they saw a UFO in the sky, which crashed on Calle #2 of the district. They even described a strange being that climbed up a tree. (A child can be heard, saying, "some eyes looked at me!"). "It was small and gooey," adds another young woman, speaking to a reporter. "It extended its arms and climbed a tree. That's when all the neighbors came out, but nothing could be found." The owner of the property remarks: "They said it had long fingers, and climbed right over there," gesturing at her fence.

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