UFO Sightings Daily Will Hit 40 Million Viewer Mark In Few Days! June 2016, UFO Sighting News.

Photo from above is Googles states for my site. Also understand the stats for today page views...today is only 40% over, so thats why its 14,000.

Hey everyone. I want to say that we are about to hit 40 million readers on this site sometime in the next two day. Thats one hell of a milestone for us and I could not have done it without a lot of loyal readers out there. 

I have always tried my best to deliver the news to you ASAP and at the quality you deserve. 

I have never tried nor wanted to have people know my name or face, but it just turned out that way. Lots of UFO guys out there are buying fake CGI from video selling sites and posting them as real, but I have learned to recognise 90% of them and not post them. 

I do have a technique that helps tell if a UFO video is real or not, and it works most the time, but certainly can be perfected by others. 

1. Take a screenshot of the video.
2. Alter the lighting on the screenshot.
    a. if the screenshot turns dark or abnormal...its a fake.
    b. if the screenshot turns light or acts normal...its real.
3. Alter the contrast on the screenshot.
    a. if the screenshot instead adds light...its fake.
    b. if the screenshot has abnormal behaviour for altering the contrast, then its fake.
    c. if the screenshot gets darker normally, then its real.
Thanks for making us what we are today. Its all you, the viewers that made this site so popular. 
Scott C. Waring