What Would Happen If Humans Disappeared? What Would Happen To The Earth? June 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of video: May 24, 2016
Maker of video: #Mind Warehouse

Human beings have been spreading across earth for thousands of years. It is believed that we originated from Southern Africa around 200,000 years ago and Around 130,000 years later we migrated out of Africa and colonised pretty much the entire planet. Within these tremendous years humans have used and destroyed parts of the earth for our own benefit. 

We have invented all sorts of things to improve our own quality of life and have only recently started to worry about what our actions mean for our home planet. But what if our time is nearly up? What if the human species was wiped out, or maybe we drained the resources we use to survive and just upped and left? What would the earth be like without humans. Well it is said that one of the first things to happen if humans disappeared would be very destructive. Man kind has built 437 nuclear power plants around the world and if we left, the generators that circulate cold water around the reactors would lose power. This could lead to over heating and melt down, causing hundreds of radio active areas. Some of the air, rivers and oceans close to the reactors would be polluted with radiation for many years. But in the other areas of the world, Mother Nature would start to recover, trees and plants would be allowed to grow freely and certain animals would thrive. General livestock would struggle without human aid, and most would likely become prey for other animals. But other more wild animals become free to wander the abandoned streets of our city's and towns. Even domesticated animals would have to rediscover their wild ways. 

Monuments like the Eiffel Tower that are made of steel would start to rust and the roads would become rubble and overgrown with weeds. Many buildings would start to fall apart.

Books, photographs, electronic data would fade away, leaving little evidence that we ever existed.The natural world would take back its land. Some more hard wearing structures would likely survive over many years, maybe even some of the ancient structures would out last our modern buildings and look as if they were the last civilisation on earth. But it is still believed that even after thousands and thousands of human free years, you would still be able to find many objects that we had left behind in our legacy. 

From plastic shopping bags to frames of airplanes or even some buildings. Maybe after millions of years even a new species of animal would become dominate and evolved in to a Homo sapiens like creature. Some scientists believe that pretty much any vertebrate land animal could evolve intelligence, provided it finds the right environmental challenges that favor strategic thinking. Obviously this would not happen overnight, but it is still a possibility that with the right amount of time an animal could evolve a complex brain like our own. This would take millions of years without the presence of humans to happen, but if we can still find traces of the dinosaurs from 65 million years ago, surely parts of the human race would still exist to be discovered. 

I suppose we will never really know what will truly happen unless we left and monitored the planet. But when you look around in your day to day life and see how we have changed and shaped the planet. You do have to wonder if mother nature could ever wipe the evidence of man kind away completely.
Scott C. Waring

#Mind Warehouse states: 
Today we are presenting you a video on an unusual topic. Imagine that all people suddenly disappeared from the planet. The reason is irrelevant, just imagine the result. Now we are going to tell what is going to happen after we are gone.


  1. Or maybe some animal left behind, might receive some DNA spiking from those potentially visiting/observing the planet. Its speculated thats what happened with us, which is why we dont find all the evidence Darwin anticipated we would. Maybe so.e species would be accelerated intelligence wise. How about AI. That would be easier, although no power. Tell you what Scott, there were crazy smart programs when I was in college ling ago, so yes I am sure AI exists bow as well.

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  3. Sorry about typos, huge thumbs and it was late at night!

  4. A outstanding & very thought provoking presentation here, but you know Scott civilizations on this world have came & went as you & others on your site here may realize, & ill add sir that the way things are going on now dwn here seems very dire regarding earths humanitys existing another short 50 to 100 more yrs of earth time to go further on w/ the global madness & increasing chaos primarily from those "REPTIODAL POSSESD" world leaders & there currupted mind controled minions thats exist primarily in Sec/Gov, global finance & military institutions, & whos actively leaning towards global economic theft to global annihilation imo ...

    The other worlders be them benevolent or malevolent would surely take advantage of this global mtr'l claim for themselves after the fact, & guite possibly neutralize the dangerous to any living being as we know of that radioactive fall out perhaps also, tho not necessarily start a global urban renewal program to clean up the global infrastructure mess for global building of there own newly created cities that is ofcourse depending on what type of otherworlders be them AI forces or living beings thatll become the new earth citizens in control, some of them i reckon would keep things as is, but most would i feel perhaps clean up the highly dangerous fallout mess, vegetation overgrowth, geo land mass building & land rubble deterioration etc, but the main thing of interest to any outher worldly intelligence thats been watching & waiting would be the characteristics of this newly abondoned planet itself via its proximity to its nearest star for cosmic life giving energy vibrations, & its minerals, land masses, its air & water to be utilized by the new owners of this earth sadly to say...

    Yes Ladies & Gentlemen times running out for YOUR WORLD that your presently standin on if those & ill repeat, if "Those "Reptiodal influnced" world leaders & etc are not dealt w/ accordingly for the survival of this earths human species, some of the malevolents are actively working w/ this worlds so called Super Powers defense infrastructure to insure are self destructin ON us BY us, to ultimately insure in the long run that we do disappear in the hundreds of billions in numbers to insure this future earth claim for themselves that i see clearly now, & as for the Reptiodal Influnced mad men & women of this world thats responsible for earths humanity's demise after being manipulated by them to destroy there home world like controled marionettes, well they will be in the end eviscerated permanently from anywhere in this local solar sys after being used up by the malevolents that im seeing clearly now...

    That two pronged fork in the road will lead to either earths humanity's evolution OR destruction, its our choice now.

    1. GULP, AY YI YI, another thought popped in my mind that could accour after a abandon or partially destroyed earth w/ very few humans thats been broken back to the STONE AGE, & i want every man woman & being onboard Scotts ship to brace yourselves w/ your Thk'ing Helmets on & activated when i say this ah ahhum, 3 2 1,...

      "A BATTLE FOR THE LATE GREAT EARTH", between, now again brace yourselves crewmates & dont laugh, The Tall Wht's vr the Reps, vr the Greys vr the Pleiadeans vr the Orions vr etc etc etc, thats been watchin & watin up there for this ABANDONED 3rd rock from a warm sun UC...

      Or dont C yet, ahhum your Thk'ing Helmets activated ;)


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