Alien Base Found In Tycho Crater, Enough Detail To Force Full Disclosure, July 2016, Video, UFO Sighing News.

Date of discovery: July 2016
Location of discovery: Tycho crater, Earths moon

This alien base was found by the great Streetcap1 of Youtube. He found it this week and its just mind melting. the detail is excellent and the fact that its right angles make up groups of rectangles and squares, that are all attached to one another confirms its made by intelligent beings. Right now, on the moon, some snobbish aliens are looking at this discovery by Streetcap1 and wondering...how did he do it? Humans are no suppose to be able to discover that aliens exist...at least until their governments tell them so.

Well, to those aliens I'm sure they would understand when I say, we waited long enough. Now, the people of this planet will take matters into our own hands, and as you see, we succeed. 
Scott C. Waring


  1. Unless NAZA have a spare missile floating around? I think the obvious UFO in Juno's first vision is also definite ground's for disclosure also but I know it will never happen because of the NWO plan to use bluebeam to fool the planet. Wonder what they'll say it is? Swamp gas?

    1. In my vision 2QlK4U, i see the corrupted & reptoidal posessed global elites writing 99% of this worlds population off like used up & rustied mfgr'ing machinery equipment, & not to mention the huge financial legal liabilities that this present U.S. Front/Gov must face if disclosure do happen thats related to those hazardess & potentially radiation exposed & varied toxic levelled sec proj jobs that both military & civilian employee's had been exposed to & had accomplished then gotten seriously ill or died from such exposure while employed & also had gotten seriously ill from this prior exposure even after being employed there & retiring, & also there surviving familes that will file monetary law suit damages amounting to countless Billions of dollars against the Front/Gov also, oh & dont forget the Billions & Billions & Billions of $'s lost by ranchers the globe over regarding UFO related cattle mutilations too, that'll be totaling altogether possibly close to a trillion $'s or more im guestimating, hell enough $'s to bankrupt a small nation while that hidden & elussive Sec/Gov's diabolical machinations were really to blame for all those liability legal issues & then some, so in my thk'ing this is one of the many varied reasons why they wont say shit about ET disclosure info to the gen "Pyramidal Uninitiated" world pub imo, & why you all may ask & its simple, the liability issue could send the U.S. economy into a recession when those vast amounts of liability payments are cashed out regarding UFO disclosure UC...

      They just might play the proj BB ruse op if they decide to pull it off as a so called "Jesus returns BS script" instead of the "Hostile ET BS script", that is ofcourse if enough angry & vengeful "Tea Baggin" right wing christian fundie lunatic types continue to steal more & more seats of U.S. governmental powers, hell just check out Mr D Chumps right wing christian fundie vice pres nominee thats about to legislate your nation & world into the stone age if the bum can pull it off, while Mr Chump w/ the help of other political crooks thats now waiting in the shadows to actively steal more of the U.S. treasury blind since Bush the 2nds rein of error or was it terror, anyways the right wing will try to drown the U.S. economic standing in a friggin bath tub as the evil & corrupted SoB's wants to do to this nation, & i wont call this crooked & stupid lune my pres if selected either, so get ready for any cosmic info includin NASA rover uploads to become null & void to the pubs reading & research studies if they both luckily via by hook or crook gets SELECTED to U.S. exec pres & vice pres seats of power, hell this will end up a very dangerous mistake for your nation & world to have in these times, & did you also know that most of those hateful dirt stupid fundie right wing christan ass holes wants a "religious HELL HOLE WAR" to manifest everywhere on YOUR WORLD by dreaming that theyll now get this, those religious idiots really think that they will rise to heaven & will be saved from there hateful guilt, murder & etc that they routinely commit on earth or ill call them the 21st century future "Brown Christian Fundie Shirts" of america minus the swastika, & they really think they'll be saved by a so called mythical Jesus being, but unknowing to them itll be a "Sec/Gov ruse" that just might instead permanently remove there decieved & foolish mortal tails from the galactic scene anyway regardless.

  2. Someone will say it's fake or photoshopped.

  3. Streetcap1 rides again. You can easily see the connecting corridors between the buildings. Great work again!

  4. Absolutely amazing man! What a find Streetcap1.

  5. Hi Scott. Brilliant find on the moon. Congratulations. Recently, Marcelo Irazusta, publish on my channel a very similar structure on Mars. Will there be a connection? If you want to see it and publish it, the video is on this link
    Thank you very much


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