Alien Fairy Caught In Mexico, Placed In Jar On Shelf, July 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of video: July 2016
Maker of video: Brian Foerster

Here is an interesting creature that was caught in Mexico and placed in a jar in a museum. Its well known that aliens could be any shape and size, even tiny insect size with genius IQs. Intelligence has no limits. This discovery in Mexico of this fairy is very human-like in appearance, and does look real. I wish we could get a DNA analysis of this creature to back it up. 
Scott C. Waring

Brian Foerster states: 
I saw this very odd animal in an office in Mexico City in January of 2016. As a trained biologist I have a hard time thinking it is fake. What do you think?


  1. Evidence is pointing to a cash grab. Followed everything back just before 39.99 into some ones paypal.

  2. fuc yea ,its real

  3. So it was caught and killed or it was found dead? If so it wasn't caught. I like watching that old Mexican's dudes videos but this seems like BS

  4. some remarks....ODD ANIMAL ....'As a trained biologist' why is it an animal in the so trained guy? because it has wings?. trained biologist...seriously?

  5. If alive, test the intelligence and treat humanely. If found dead, dna test it against all animals and human. Autopsy it too for science. But be respectful.

  6. It looks more like Lucifer(think the TV show), than it does Tinkerbell. The moth eaten wings are the coup de gras. I also noticed that the good doctor mentioned that he had taken an XRay, which proved the bones to be actual bones, but he failed to let us see it. Now, why would that be, I wonder? Anybody taken in by this, would be a prime candidate to purchase a certain bridge, located in Brooklyn.

  7. Whatever it is, it is intriguing to say the least. I hope it is real. We need some magic in this world.

  8. why wont they show us the Xray to back the story up?

  9. Yeah

    DNA testing and the like are advanced enough for us all to know if this is fake or not.

    In this near-Star Trek world we live in there is no use for a mystery creature in a jar. Test it. Show the evidence. The end.

    Otherwise this is just a state fair carnival oddity to scare stupid people that don't know any better.

    Science will show if this is real, and if it is then the ownwr would proudly show the results. Since it is still being treated as a mystery jar-creature it makes me think it is completely fake. It's up the the owner to prove otherwise. It's not 1940, no need for spooky mysteries.


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