Reptilian Face Found By Mars Spirit Rover In NASA Photo, Linked, July 17, 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: July 17, 2016
Location of discovery:  Mars

I found this face in a Spirit rover photo today. Its tilted over and may be difficult to see, so I cut it in half and matched it to itself...two of the same halves (above photo) so that you can see its detail. Its easy to see that this is one strange looking species and has canine teeth. It does not resemble humans at all, but it does appear intelligent. Its eyes are smaller than humans, but round. Its nose area is similar to that of a cat, but its upper skull that overlaps the upper eye lids is confusing to me. That part of the skull makes it look reptilian. 
Scott C. Waring


  1. You have an extrenely practiced eye at recognizing patterns among the clutter. Imagine if you were analyzing all these photos in color. Easily possible to provide color images by Nasa I am sure. Its probobly more difficult for them to provide the footage in Black and White, but too helpful to the public.

  2. I never see any of this... I never make any thing out, I just see rocks. If the pictures were better quality maybe but it never is

    1. Its ok man, it takes time. I said the same thing to a friend that took me out pheasant hunting...totally couldn't see the bird in that tall grass, but he could. Just takes practice.


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