Faces, Mech Warriors, Towers Found On Comet 67P, The Singing Comet, Come Here The Message, June 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: July 1, 2016
Location of discovery: Comet 67P, singing comet
Source ESA photo: http://www.esa.int/spaceinimages/Images/2016/06/Close-up_view_of_the_comet

This is a photo from the European Space Administration (ESA) of comet 67P, notoriously known as the singing comet, which is shaped like the head, neck and chest of an alien (click here). Don't get me wrong, skull shaped comets have been seen before (click here) by the ESA, but the detail is lacking compared to 67P.  I love this comet, because for 20+ years it been sending a singing message (bottom of post). An alien message asking other life forms to come meet them. This is why when ESA scientists first heard it 20 years ago, they built the Rosetta satellite to answer its call. Apparently there was a message they decoded, but never shared it with the public. Just like they never shared the fact that the comet sings until just last year, 20 years after Rosetta was created was about to land on it. 

Now, I'm all for suspense and all, but why the hell does the ESA think they can keep the public in the dark about its singing message for so long? Because they didn't want the Chinese, Americans or Russians to get there first. None of them trusts each other enough with telling the other the truth about what they find on the comet. 

Thats where I come in. You got me, and thats a hell of a lot better than what you had a few minutes ago. I found a really large face of an alien species today, but its not like its the only one I ever found on the comet. Its probably closer to number 35. Not to mention the 80 meter metal skeleton I found (click here) or the UFO disk (click here) that was hovering above its surface. 

However, today I found several faces, one with a crown that has very Mayan features and another that looks human, but with enlarged features. Oh, and of course I found some mech four legged robot that looks like its a large gun on four legs. There is more in the photo, but I didn't think most people could make out its detail, since a lot will have trouble seeing these more prominent finds. 

This makes me come to wonder why is this comet singing and why are there 80 meter skeletal remains, flying disks, towers, buildings (click here) or (here), mech guns and many faces scattered across the comet? Was this message meant for Earth, or was it a generic message meant for any species evolved enough to answer it? Which would mean it has flown past many other worlds with life on it. Testing each one with its signal to see if they have reached that point in technological evolution that would make their either a threat, or worth meeting.

The signal never the less, continues 24/7 to this day. It may have been sending its message for thousands or millions of years and since aliens will have advanced technology, the aliens that created this comet, single and base would probably still be living and breathing today. Remember technology will allow you to live almost forever (minus accidents).

So, for each piece of evidence we find, hundreds of questions pop into our heads. After a hundred discoveries on this comet, I find the universe and aliens more baffling than ever. The questions I have have not been answered, but have only escalated. Who are they? How may species of them exist out there? Where are they now? It goes on and on, but my own thoughts tell me time will tell, knowing the answers wont exist for hundreds of years. 

Like every discovery ever made about aliens...people will be amazed, confused, and slightly entertained, but one by one they will walk away, losing focus and soon forgetting what they saw here. Its probably a defense mechanism to help one cope with the unknown. But, it lets them sleep better. 

I can't, I wont, I never will forget any piece of evidence I have ever posted. I often wonder, how much evidence is enough for the world, and I realize, there is no amount of evidence that could come from the public that could sway the publics opinion about the existence of alien life. You see, the people of the world still trust, still depend, still need the government to inform them about the things that are so monumental as the discovery of an alien species, but, that is something the US gov wont do, because it would put China on alert and force China to make contacting aliens and gaining alien technology a number one priority. And the US needs to keep an advantage...watch the right hand of America, as the left had gains the advantage. Its easy for the gov to hide it, because only the government could be trusted to reveal it. We don't trust each other, but we have to if we are going to force disclose. 
Scott C. Waring


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