The Disclosure Controversy On Jimmy Church Radio Talks Politics and UFOs, June 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of video:  June 2016
Maker of video: Earth Mystery News EMN

I hear a lot of people talking politics and saying Trump or Clinton for president, but what do you want? Who do you think will do the most for the UFO community and why? Please voice your opinions below in the comment section. 

A famous woman, Baba Vanga made many predictions about the future.The most concerning on to me was that the 44th president of the US will be black, and he will be the last US president. Why will Obama be the last US president? Will he dissolve the position as president and give full power over to Congress. No man or woman should have all that power. 

Tell us your thoughts below please.
Scott C. Waring

EMN states:
Jimmy Church Radio, Fade To Black, was broadcast live this from Contact in the Desert 2016 at Joshua Tree California this past weekend. Like a revolving door of the who's who of Ufology, one guest after another passed through the studio, sitting with with Jimmy Church in fascinating and often controversial dialogue. Jim Marrs, Linda Moulton Howe, and Laura Eisenhower discuss the upcoming US election.


  1. I believe (and hope) that baba was referring to an extraterrestrial take over.
    Where the ET's lol in the face of the "world leaders" and assume power. I think, as a race, we need something that significant to really make a change.

  2. That future could be of an alternate universe..

  3. Why do you like such a shit ??????

  4. In the past, the President was supposed to look out for our country, help provide direction for us in time of crisis (better yet prevent it), and help us run smoothly and grow. It seems that people from the past were more altruistic. Now, its a miracle if anything gets finished. Without a President, not sure we would have any focus for better or worse. Still boggles the mind about the UFO in OBamas Christmas cards. Hillary claims to want to disclose, but boy her track record is untrustworthy. Maybe Trump is enough of a loose cannon he will disclose. But he is scary too. Have you heard Putin recently saying we are in the brink of war and Americas press and government are not informing the people? They both ignore whatever suits them. Putin also claims to have vastly improved technology in the military, wonder where or what that came from?

    1. Have you ever considered Mr Ellison, that if Mr Trump gets selected ITS ALL OVER as far as a cohesive gov for the american citizen thats not STUPID like Trump likes everyone to be to vote for this bombastic wreckless idiot that needs a steel toed boat kicked strait up his STUPID FRIGGIN ASS before he ends up destroying YOUR NATION & WORLD w/ everyone & thing on it...

      I understand that theres old school repubs includin the Bush Bro's that dont like his style & worry that he will destroy the republican party i,g., & Mr Jeb Bush whos former pres Bush's younger bro & former Florida gov lost a estimate 1-2 mill early on the campaign trail when this clown Trump hits the scene & grabs all Bushes STUPID right winger potential voters...

      Rumour has it that Mr J Bush is blazzin pissed at Trump, so my theory is that Mr Trump just might not finish his 1st term, if ya got my drift UC. ;\

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  5. I really don't know who to believe anymore I used to look up to America but since you guys keep electing crap presidents your country has spiralled out of controll.I am Australian and as I'm on the outside looking in its scary to think how much trouble is in the world and how much trouble America has caused.I have always admired and respected America but I know question myself and sometimes feel like a idiot for it.I can't believe Hillary would even stand a chance after her email scams and why would she disclose UFO if her husband didn't.I honestly believe Hillary,Obama,Bush,Bill are all sitting arround a dinner table laughing there heads off with how much crap they got away with.I hope America dosnt fall for the same shit again.Good luck guys go Trump

    1. Trust me Mr Ambrosini, if the Sec/Gov tells Ms H Clinton to keep her friggin trap shut concerning ET disclosure, well then she will just like her sex fiened lieing husban B Clinton, will keep her friggin mouth sealed shut, those two lousy PREDITARY SoB's, & hell i dont trust neither of 2days DISASTROUS candidates for americas safety includin Trumps scandelous business, & tax frauding handling stupid & bombastic ass for U.S. executive service in this modern day american political season, you see Trump likes "Stupid People" havent you heard by now, those stupid right wing morons of there "AMERIKKKA" that hes rallying up too, so would you trust this fool near the "RED PHONE" for heavens sake the way he talks against YOUR WORLD's foreign people HE DONT LIKE UC, & those friggin Clintons as everyone knows includin presidential lame duck Mr B Obama, are all indeed self serving wall st bought & sold corporatist bankster style polititians that really dont give a tinkers behind about the global masses welfare let alone americas economic & social situation other than there own bank accts UC...

      They have there off world tickets too, like the rest of those so called lousy filthy morally bankrupt global super elites as far as there concerned we can drop dead if they make it offworld when worm wood nears the SoB's, & sir dont worry about this good ole US of A's plight, if you & others have notice theres a Right Wing Mental Illness that seems to be spreading to other gov's on YOUR WORLD as i type this msg...

      The whole world will be in trouble if this chump thats name Trump gets SELECTED for U.S. president even Hilary to a lesser degree, BOTH NO FRIGGIN GOOD, so yes this U.S. political horse race GAME IS RIGGED, w/ out a doubt in my mind.

  6. There is more to the world than the USA...
    My belief is that in reality the world leaders, as we know them, have not much saying about what truly matters.
    It is scary to imagine that we are all being played or in the verge of an ET take over.
    I believe that there are many species out there, not everyone will be friendly and patient. Remember, the weaker race will always loose, everytime.

  7. You all do realize HOPEFULLY that is, is that MrChump will ruin & run your nation & possibly YOUR WORLD roughshod to the ground sadlly, & w/ the help of his selected & currupted subordinates, as was proven w/ Mr Trumps past personal casino business dealings & etc just running them all business wise roughshod w/ fed tax shiestering as a side note, & he just may have plans to rob your U.S. treasury too so dont be surprised, i mean w/ a business record like his hell "why not", just like Bush jr's crew did a day before 911, but this time era not a flimsy 911 excuse no, but instead by deliberately creating domestic race wars & false flag mass shooting ops killings w/ in the U.S. thatll result to a grave civil rights eviseration & a massive Martial Law round up scenario that can turn nation wide dangerous for all i,e. "For both them & us", UC not all americans will go to those friggin camps peacefully this is a fact imo, so this unstable & presidential unsuitable idiot as a U.S. president will let Putin play his ass like a natural born fiddle like the chump that Mr Trump really is, & quite possibly Trump just might be that very F'ing chump who ends up eviscerateing all americans 2nd amendment among other constitutional rights that he & a cooperating right wing judiciary, house & senate may not like americans to have in the 1st place, then surprisingly order all your fire arms taken away includin toy water pistols even, before the mass tyranny & chaos he orders begins here, & possibly WW3 Ta-Da dont forget that everyone...

    No liberal that i know have or will take away your 2nd amendment right or ANY of your civil rights as a free american citizen, hell even Obama didn't do that after all the insane mass gun killings yrs in the U.S. during his rein, no i suggest concentrating on those self serving right wing theocratic hypocrites that will be the new american brown shirts w/ out the swastika, & all those dirty rotten slimey wall st investment banker thieves & shiesters thatll hire them for there dirty work ops here in the U.S. & who seem to be hell bent itchin behind the scenes to take away all your personal defense weapons & throw ya all into camps because they know that there BS lies & thievery are rapidly unraveling & they will at sometime, will have to answer & physically deal w/ a truth hungry U.S. pop regarding there scandalous acts very soon, & hey dont forget about that finely suited corporate shill with a bible in one hand & a gun in another thatll take away ALL your rights even to breath air if you cannot PAY for it for heavens sake, so w/ approx 5-6 months left as lame duck president & proven to be a terrible one at that just like his predecessor "Dim Leader Mr Bush jr, why do you think Obama is the last so called U.S. president which is so puzzling because theres nothing to fear hear but fear itself right!, so why not round up all the corporate shills, there future brw shirt grd forces etc & put there currupted asses in those FEMA CAMPS instead, is it possible that there mind controlled goons that does the enforcement work for them are gradually waking up from the haze to join us too...

    Ms Clintons being a lousy politicial like her husban was & a war hawk herself & past U.S. sec of state is no shinning star out in the political cosmos either imo, but shes not talking dangerous isolationist chaos via coded racist & anti feminist talk to the world like Mr Trump is presently doing, so in all where stuck in a deep sticky quandry arent we in this U.S. political & socail time now, & remember this, "PUTIN IS READY TO PLAY THAT FOOL TRUMP" to americas demise so dont forget that, UC he cant do this w/ a Clinton or Obama at least there verst on some foreign policy schooling, tho Mr Trump id say he might in a fit of unpresidental ediquet just may tell putin durin his rein to go F himself that strikingly bombastic & stupid style of his.

    1. BTW, & this is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, regarding this Trump Character i want all to remeber now that MrTrump had stated to the whole wide world a few months ago that he likes of all things "STUPID PEOPLE", remember that recent Trump convention in Cleve Ohio, well hell thats all he was surrounded by that was rooting for his bombastic crazy ass there, a bunch of genuine STUPID PEOPLE UC....

      Glad im not on his friggin STUPID LIST, HOW ABOUT YOU ALL TOO UC. ;\

    2. Or did Ms Baba Vanga really mean to say, "The Last Black U.S. pres", because after his sorry performance as U.S. excecutive chief i dont think america may see another african american president for another 50-100 more yrs, but thats not to say there could have been a more non wall st connected, competent & braver blk president thats fighting against those modern day potential brown shirted tea party basterd & prevented the house & senate take over by them in 2010 that obama failed to do, but im sure they were & still are a stronger than Obama blk political candidate as a presidential candidate as a alternate back in 08 but unfortunately there wasn't any on the democratic side running, but now looking in retrospect the U.S. in 2008 did get bamboozled by sweet talk such as HOPE & CHANGE from a closeted wall st shill just like the Clintons was & still is all along, because it seems regarding all politicians these days since Ronald Rayguns reign is that now "THE GAME IS RIGGED" absolutely ill agree as the radio talk show host Mr J Church introes on his daily "Fade to Black" web cast show, & hes right imo...

      NO we wont see another african american president for a very very long time, that is if America thats YOUR NATION on YOUR WORLD that your all presently standin on is still around w/ in those short 50-100yrs from now time frames to come the way things are starting to look dwn here now, and dont forget that MrTrump just may be this bombastic idiot that ofcourse he aptly exemplifies very well that many mystics thru out this worlds past times had envisioned, would trigger this global destruction madness in THIS TIME period now...

      This physical earth will survive YES, but im afraid that this so called present human civilization thats on it possibly NO if things stay the same, & like time & time again on this rock another civilization will come along again in time, so in all Scott & fellow Crewmates AMERICA IS IN TROUBLE no matter which of the two fools get U.S. excecutive pwr, youll see.

    3. Looks like mars had some good HG cali cannibus there, muhahahaha.

  8. Donald Trump really wants to fix America and make our military strong and to stop all of the corruption in Washington DC. How do I know I know because Donald Trump is a close Friend of mine and I know how he really loves our Nation. So you all need to vote for Trump. If Hillary gets in the White House we are all screwed.

  9. I enjoy your posts X-15....very intellectually written be it right or wrong!
    In reply to that HG cali cannabis driven book you just wrote(I agree with you)....I say this......

    I can say the best president i have actually been old enough to care about was Bill Clinton. Granted he really didnt do sh@t but get head and make the razorbacks popular for awhile....but all seemed goid then....almost at peace...its been a sh@t show since....and sadly has become a sh@ttier show at the Fn CIRCUS..Trump,Hillary...who ever doesnt matter really...i have always felt the prez. is a PUPPET....plain and simple...who really runs this hypocritical,money driven ponze scheme i dont know....Illuminati,Aliens,some prick with a hat and a feather,
    a giant cigar and alligator boots, a buncha pricks with cigars,He who has the most money,
    Some little punk playin a video game ( which i might add he is doing a terrible job at)Who knows....I just hope whatever makes the good sh@t,the bad sh@t,and the weird sh@t in this reality figures it out because it seems so chaotic these days....ill give you we have more coverage and access to information and the world then ever before,but the VIBE feels different....just...Different.
    I believe in aliens,the paranormal,the impossible b/c i have seen all of them with my own eyes....So we may be screwed but theres hope yet still left!
    I vote for the dipsh@t who wants to turn us all into to cyborgs b/c atleast hes honest.

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