UFO Over Las Vegas Said To Be Chinese Rocket Reentry, Can We Believe The Gov? July 27, 2016, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: July 27, 2016
Location of sighting:  Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

I noticed that the world news is trying hard to make the public believe that what was seen over Las Vegas was just a Chinese rocket, but I find that extremely hard to believe. Why? Because most rockets and satellites often have devices to help power the long term flight of such craft...these batteries are often nuclear. If the rocket was carrying a Chinese satellite in it as it fell, America would be in panic over the nuclear fall out of all the hazardous material, but America doesn't seem to care. Also if it was a rocket, it could be a nuclear rocket test to see if a Chinese Nuke would make it to America and how to prevent it from being shot down by pretending its just a failed space mission. If this was true, then there is a conspiracy within the conspiracy. 

Also with a tall whites alien base a Nellis AFB, this is very possible a tall white ship coming it to land at its base, which is located at the end of the old rifle range at Nellis AFB. 

America seemed to take no precautions,which means this was not a rocket, but a UFO of unknown origin. This UFO was seen all across Nevada this week, many of the eyewitnesses swearing it was a UFO. So...who are you going to believe?
Scott C. Waring

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