UFO Researcher Max Spiers Murdered On July 16, 2016, Sparks Fear Of MIB, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of death: July 16, 2016
Location of death: Poland
News source: http://projectcamelotportal.com/2016/07/18/max-spiers-supersoldier-murdered/

This is really strange. A second UFO researcher has died just a week apart from another mysterious death of a UFO and paranormal researcher in India. It does seem that UFO researchers are now being targeted, probably to slow the rate of information being leaked to the public. It looks like the murders are not limited by boarders. Clearly UFO researchers are getting the public very close to disclosure, so close, that the only way to back off for a few decades is to murder the top UFO researcher and instill fear of the lower ones. Its not working on me, so good luck with f#$%ed up plan. 
Scott C. Waring

Project Camelot states: 

Both the doctor who examined Max and Police who came to the villa… Left the body behind in spite of the fact that they believed Max had died.  What kind of officials do this?  The entire circumstances are suspicious and I urge everyone to encourage Monica to release the details about what really happened to the public and call for an autopsy.

There is another interview with Max Spiers that was conducted in person by Alesander.  It contains very clear indication that Max Spiers was being attacked and sick from the time he returned from Cyprus.



We heard from Miles Johnston while still at our conference that Max Spiers had been taken very ill Saturday evening and has apparently died.  There is reason to suspect that he was murdered due to his background as a “supersoldier” and because of the sudden nature of his illness.  We are hoping an autopsy will be performed.  According to Miles Johnston who has been in close touch with the friends where Max was staying while attending and speaking at a conference in Poland, his death may have had something to do with pills that he was taking but more investigation needs to be done.


  1. Am speechless. Your life insurance paid up? I find it interesting that he was planning to speak about the Dulce base and others in August, and now will not be at the conference for his "Brilliant Presentation"! Too close for comfort? Check six brother...

  2. Hi Scott, I am sorry to hear about Max Spiers. There are many brave people working hard to bring about full disclosure. However often all the public need to do is look up into the night sky and accept what they see, believe their own eyes. This would help a lot. Check out Youtube Brighton Sky Scanner, Incredible Visitation, 9.07.16.I also see these ships in UK sky.

  3. Scott, M.T. Keshe believes a close friend, researcher, and builder of his spacecraft at the keshefoundation was murdered due to the disclosure of the ufo reactor knowledge he has freely given to the world.

    1. Wow, hey, do you got a link to that ufo reactor knowledge?

  4. A background as a Super Soldier ya say huh, well how about also those SSP operatives among other unknown highly top secretive operatives, & quite possibly other highly security cleared Earth Born operatives in or out of the military & intell infrastructures, & who have inserted inside them a neuron connected body monitor thats a tiny small device thats injected into there bodys to supposedly be used as a GEO SAT locator device among possible other DIABOLICAL uses that this device may be capable of doing to a human host once its inserted, ok ok ill give one grave example, now brace yourselves on those control modules, & Thinking Helmets activated & set, ok get ready 3 2 1 here goes...

    Those tiny devices not only serves as a Geo Sat communications locator device, but also a a ahhum, a "SUICIDE or SELF KILL DEVICE" via its distant remote controlers if a hi risk transmitted security threat from the device & host is detected that will either inject a toxin into the host blood stream, OR via its host neuron conn's may cause a undetectable fatal stroke as a means of taking him or her out of the living scene UC, so in all my theory is that this is advanced tech designed from a malevolent race of ET beings possibly from the TW's or REPS maybe & whom presently actively contribute alien tech to this worlds Sec/Gov global weapons & flight divisions UC now...

    Now you see how doggone DIABOLICAL those malevolent ET groups are w/ there tech & how the global super powers just eats this madness up w/ out realizin that a day for us is like a yr for a race of malevolent beings thats waiting for us dwn here to globally SELF DESTRUCT from there tech that they give to those global defense contracting egg headed science & tech SoB's that seems to eat this maddening chaos up w/ relish & glee w/ there twisted mind sets.

    1. I meant to say Scott, "a hundred yrs to earth humanity is a day to ET"...

      Hell i must have been stoned when i blurted that last blog out, My Bad. %)

  5. Scott, Dr. M.T. Keshe believes a close friend, researcher, and builder of his spacecraft at the keshefoundation was murdered due to the disclosure of the ufo reactor knowledge he has freely given to the world. Many attempts on his life have been made also.

  6. when i was reading the article i was being blocked twice as those somebody didn't want me to read as a security threat there has to be something freakin big about this as though as like a NSA type of deal i may get confronted for commenting this but i got news for thier asses fuck em!!


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