Email Leak; An Organization That Doesn't Exist, Alien Overlords, Ion Drive Advancements And More, Oct 2016, UFO Sighting News.

Date of email: Nov 14, 2015
Sent to:  John Podesta
URL To email: https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/12743

I found this at Wikileaks today. This is an email from an guy who works in a secret area of the Canadian government that is similar to DARPA. 

Email writer states: "I represent a Canadian organization that doesn't exist that looks like DARPA, but works with the government to pursue positive growth business."

He states that he was given information that aliens want certain technology to be built by him, but he and his team are upset that they know little about the aliens that are going to use it. He wants more info so they can succeed at their mission and cooperate better with the US gov. He is also working on the ion drive for NASA! He says he knows inside info about "our alien overlords."  He also says a mass extinction level event is very close. 
Scott C. Waring

Email states: 
Dear Mr. Podesta,  

My name is (I removed name since he is in a secret gov area, SCW), I am a Canadian citizen residing in Edmonton Alberta Canada.  

As a good neighbor and ally to the US, I was curious as to why NASA is feeding the Canadian Space Agency with wrong or misinformation regarding certain anomaly scenarios that are occurring.  

Our intelligence is limited. We rely on US-Canadian joint ventures to accomplish our goals which feed the US new wonderful tools.  Why are we being shut out and shut down?  I take this personally both as a Citizen of Canada and as a member of the scientific community.  We cannot improve the ion drive systems if we are left out.  

If the US does not want to continue our long standing friendship, and solely act in its own best interests, then we can end the charade of NAFTA now.  We were technologically superior to the US. We don't need the US.  I think, and you will agree, that without our contributions, the US would not have grown the way it has. Canadians own Hollywood, New York, Florida, the Stanley Cup and by right, the Pennant that was stolen from us due to the baseball strike. 

(Here he says he knows of the treaties with aliens)

By all rights and reason, we require full disclosure of all alien contact and all treaties the US has agreed to with the aliens. We might have weak intelligence, but we have ascertained that we are food, labor, and resource generators for the alien over lords. 

Our information came from your own DoD, casually and off the record by credible sources. Now we want to know if we are going to be dealt a hand at the table or will we be left out like last time?  I represent a Canadian organization that doesn't exist that looks like DARPA, but works with the government to pursue positive growth business.  

Our interests lie in the contribution to the positive growth of humanity.  We think that we can make the world better, happier and more peaceful. But we can't do that if we are about to see a mass extinction event occur.  Our historical data is wrong, our timelines are wrong, and with all the information being withheld or lied about, we have a very bad feeling that the US is leading us into a trap.  If you can please help us help you it would be greatly appreciated!  

(right here he begins talking about the aliens the US and Canada are working for...the alien overlords that ask them to create these futuristic technology items to advance humanity. SCW)

We just need to know who and what we are dealing with. What are their intentions? Are they hostile? Can we stop them if necessary? What deals were cut?  If the US betrayed Canada's trust, or put itself forward at Canada's expense, we will not tolerate another Afghanistan situation. That was ten years of work wasted.  We don't have to let the US win the cup or the pennant and we certainly don't have to keep our currency artificially deflated to satisfy US ego.  

(Here he threatens the US by saying Canada can make political deals for trade agreements with aliens, if the US doenst cooperate with his secret DARPA-like Organization.)

We can also cut our own deals with these alien visitors/landed martians.  But we won't engage them unless the US denies us access privileges and full debriefing.  

My advice is bring us to the table. We need more information because our data is currently not up to date. Our failed attempts at catching UFOs showed how weak we were. This is because we do not know what we are up against. We need more data.  Plus, with the magnetic north pole moving towards the equator, we need help. If we can find allies that can help we would welcome it. Or in 20+ years we will all be dead anyway.  Magnetic North now over Siberia. In ten years it will be over the black sea. In 20 years it will be over Indonesia.  If the US cut a deal, now would be a good time to start calling in favors!