NASA Destroys Alien Sculpture By Running It Over! In Latest Batch Of Curiosity Rover Photos, Nov 29, 2016, UFO Sightings Daily.

Date of discovery: November 29, 2016
Location of discovery: Mars

This is from todays Curiosity Rover photos that came into the NASA blog. There were two photos with this face in them. The face is appears human, but clearly not. The alien is wearing a soft helm and a tunic. The aliens face is also different from our in that it has no chin, but continues down as a neck. Also its hard to see, but the ear of the alien is about 2X our own ears. Lucky for us, alien on Mars loved to make faces of their the different species that once lived there. 

The face is small, about 3-5 inches tall. Now this means the aliens that made it are also...small. This explains why most of the faces, structures, wheels and doorways, walls, are also about 1 foot or less in height. If you compare the size of the rover wheel in the photo and the size of the face, you will come to the same conclusion. 

The tragedy here is that this ancient piece of alien history was probably destroyed by the Mar rover metal wheels. The Curiosity rover is equal and in size and weight to a Volkswagen Bug. The chance that this tiny statue could withstand such a tremendous weight is...equally small. NASA is quickly destroying the ancient artefacts of alien civilisations...not reporting what they find, and all in the name of science. Where is you ethics now NASA? This is not how a scientist does research! By destroying what they are suppose to notice and to study. Maybe they should hire me to find these objects and warn them that they are about to destroy them. Honestly, they certainly need the intellectual help. 
Scott C. Waring



  1. I heard of a plane crash in Colombia. The pilot reported "electrical problem". It could have been an UFO in that area at that time.

  2. Every time a plane crash story makes international news, you can rest assured that the theory of it being caused by a UFO isn't far behind.

  3. VIDEO) UFO 'attack' over Turkey, US, Canada, Mexico? Govt accused of 'suppressing' news as tweets and videos vanished

    1. I suspected the Turkey UFO was a fake, so I waited and other news stories are reporting that it was prank, so its may or may not be. But the two videos I saw looked fake. So, I wont post it.

    2. Im from Turkey. And can say it was fake. But I realised something similar that I read a Turkish officer's story about being taken off by alliens to Mars 60 years ago. He described them like you said smaller tall big head and ears and wear hats cover their ears. I didnt know whether its right. But why a military high grade staff need to design a fiction? He gave very detailed information about them. In that they were very kind. Hope you can read the story. link below but its Turkish if need translate I can help


  4. Intellectual help? I'm sure NASA employ toilet cleaners with far more interllect than you possess Scotty boy.

  5. I had wondered why you didnt cover that report, now I know....


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