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NASA tried and failed to hide the Mars King statue photo, Dec 1, 2017, UFO Sighting News.

NASA tried to move the fallen king billion pixel photo to hide it from the public. I followed the old URL and it led me to a different photo, so below is the new updated link to the original photo. Its a game that NASA often plays. They jungle photos around that contain evidence, so they can say it wasn't deleted, but an attempt to hide it has been made. 
Attention...the NASA source photo has been changed! They moved the photo to a new location, but I found it again. Here


NASA Destroys Alien Sculpture By Running It Over! In Latest Batch Of Curiosity Rover Photos, Nov 29, 2016, UFO Sightings Daily.

Date of discovery: November 29, 2016
Location of discovery: Mars

This is from todays Curiosity Rover photos that came into the NASA blog. There were two photos with this face in them. The face is appears human, but clearly not. The alien is wearing a soft helm and a tunic. The aliens face is also different from our in that it has no chin, but continues down as a neck. Also its hard to see, but the ear of the alien is about 2X our own ears. Lucky for us, alien on Mars loved to make faces of their the different species that once lived there. 

The face is small, about 3-5 inches tall. Now this means the aliens that made it are also...small. This explains why most of the faces, structures, wheels and doorways, walls, are also about 1 foot or less in height. If you compare the size of the rover wheel in the photo and the size of the face, you will come to the same conclusion. 

The tragedy here is that this ancient piece of alien history was probably destroyed by the Mar rover metal wheels. The Curiosity rover is equal and in size and weight to a Volkswagen Bug. The chance that this tiny statue could withstand such a tremendous weight is...equally small. NASA is quickly destroying the ancient artefacts of alien civilisations...not reporting what they find, and all in the name of science. Where is you ethics now NASA? This is not how a scientist does research! By destroying what they are suppose to notice and to study. Maybe they should hire me to find these objects and warn them that they are about to destroy them. Honestly, they certainly need the intellectual help. 
Scott C. Waring



The Fallen King Of Mars Found At Rocknest By Curiosity Rover, Sept 2015, UFO Sighting News. Lapsis regem esse Martis diceretur.

UPDATED ON DEC 1, 2017: Attention...the NASA source photo has been changed! They moved the photo to a new location, but I found it again. Here

Lapsis regem esse Martis diceretur.

Date of discovery: Sept 5, 2015
Location of discovery: Rocknest, Mars
Source Photo:

Update: I will place other photos of objects from this NASA photo at the bottom of the post every few days till it totals about 40-50 or more starting today.

This is Lapsis regem esse Martis diceretur...the fallen king of Mars. I found that this particular photo has hundreds of ancient alien artifacts in it, but when I found this, I disregarded the rest. Nothing else is as important as this single discovery. Nothing else in the photo can outweigh the importance of this...the fallen king of Mars. 

This king while alive would have stood over 8 meters tall! Thats 24 feet tall guys, and look at him and you will see he fell while fighting, his body, arms, toga all ruffled as if he fell hard. A weapon hit him that petrifies flesh...turns it to stone or stone like. A weapon that will leave a message for others to fear the enemy forever.

First I found the body in NASAs billion pixel panoramic and realized its head was beside it. Then I found the crown a few hours later when I came back to the photo again, but at first I didn't know it was a crown. I knew it was something important, perhaps a helmet, but my mistake was I was seeing it upside down and couldn't recognize it for what it was for a few hours...a crown. I was a fool not to see it right away, but usually artifacts are not so tied to gather as these objects are. 
Cool, now lets flip over the crown so you can see it easily.

I believe that, about a million years ago, a final battle on Mars raged across the surface. One last fight, something from the air cut his upper shoulders and head clean off, but at an angle, which tells me that the attacker was either above and behind or below and in front of the king. This king would have stood about two floors high and had arms like a tree trunk. After the attack, the flying ships spread some kind of blue substance that turned organics into stone through some kind of technological prettification process. That would explain the blueberry tiny stones everywhere NASA talks about. 

Yes, I am saying he was a real person...a real king of Mars. You are not looking at some artistic sculpture here. 

Want more proof? Fine, the crown...if a person were to have his or her head cut off, it would cause a jerking or tightening of the muscles...this caused the crown to fly off of his pointed hairy head and tumble to one side. Statues don't usually have a crown that can be removed. Statues have crowns built into the sculpture. 

And to the aliens out those who caused this and to those who still exist on Mars or near it. You have a responsibility to go get this king and give him a proper funeral that is in accordance with his customs and suitable for a king. I found him for you, all you have to do is give him the respect he is owed. 

Scott C. Waring-Taiwan

Veritas liberabit vos sed sicut infernus primum nocebit.

Below are other anomalies found in this NASA photo.

 Above and below you see a tiny alien (orange) hiding behind a small structure (green)

 Alien Foot, orange is the soul, yellow holds the foot in, purple is the skin of the foot. 

 Giant hermit crab on Mars, above and behind the Fallen King. 
Updated: Sept 23, 2015

4 photos below added on Sept 24, 2015.

Sept 25, 2015 update photos.
 Living Alien Creature same position it died in. 

The two photos below are a 100% intact home of the small aliens. 

 Many Faces in above and below photo.

 Face in above and below photo.

 Face with hat and jewel in above and below photo.
Sept 26, 2015

Sept 27, 2015

 Above is a human-like face.
 This is an alien face with with helmet looking up to sky. 

Sept 28, 2015

Sept 29, 2015 photos below.

Below found Jan 2, 2016 by SCW. 

Date of discovery: January 2, 2016
Location of discovery: Mars
Source photo:

I thought I would look over the billon pixel photo of Mars again to see if I can find something new. I found a very large face looking upwards to the sky. The face does resemble humans a little, and is primitively sculpted. Like our culture at this moment in time is overly fixated on cell phones, theirs were fixated on faces. Its easy to make out the eye, nose, ear and forehead. The mouth slit goes up and down not across like humans. Also, the most amazing part is...the antenna on its forehead. I have seen tens of thousands of faces, but never one with an antenna sticking up.
Scott C. Waring