Letter F Found In Victoria Crater, Mars On Dec 30, 2016, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Dec 30, 2016
Location of discovery: Victoria Crater, Mars
Source photo: http://static.uahirise.org/images/wallpaper/2880/PSP_004289_1780.jpg
Main source: http://www.uahirise.org/PSP_004289_1780

This is a capital letter F on the edge of Victoria Crater on Mars. This may have been an important symbol to the species that lived on Mars. The Opportunity rovers tracks are seen near it. The rover is 1.5 by 2.4 meters. That means this F is about 2.5 meters high. I have found a lot of writing, most I don't report, because its too difficult for readers to see it, but this one is well pronounced and this one is similar to what we have on Earth. 
Scott C. Waring