UFO Found In Taurus Constellation That Is 10X Earths Size. Dec 2016, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Dec 20, 2016
Location of discovery: Between 3 Tau and 2 Tau, Taurus Constellation
Google sky coordinates:  17.780023° -113.666547°

This long cigar UFO is in the Taurus constellation. Its huge, and its moving through space. Space station or space base, its out there. Its gigantic in terms of size. If we lined up Earth side by side, we would have about ten Earths long. There are some very big things out there, and to construct such things aliens must have taken thousand of our years or more to make them. But, if your technology never lets you die, if you live forever, then...you have all the time in the universe. 

Anyways, aliens wouldn't make them, they would tell their construction robots to make more robots, when the crew grows to say...a ten thousand, these robots begin working on construction of the craft. Materials can be either recycled from old abandoned craft or mined. Remember, you are not doing the work, its being done by drone robots, working 24/7 never resting, never taking breaks or using the bathroom to play on their phones, or demanding more money when they can't do half the job of the guy next to them. They are the perfect work force. One that Earth will one day have. 
Scott C. Waring


  1. That may not be that big to a big alien race

  2. There's always the possibility that there are some extraterrestrial races out there that are a great deal bigger in physical size than us earthlings, who are responsible for such large constructs.

  3. Amazing find Scott. It really leaves me speechless when someone comes out with this stuff. The product of their little immature Star awards/Star Trek imaginations.

  4. It looks like the craft from Star Trek IV or the transportation craft from the movie Dune

  5. Ummmmmm. Does not one single potential alien race have any style? An eye for or eyes for something more appealing than a cigar? Wtf aliens!!?? How about a giant Mini Cooper? Or a Winnebago? Or a space Christmas tree? Cigar, or saucer, 2 choices. Both as boring as watching paint dry.....Sheesh!

    1. Those designs are not only massive base stations but there great for those aquatic type worlds where a deep underwater submarine base may be quite effiecient too, some of those massive craft are cube shaped, spheres, disc sauser shaped, & also rounded edged triangle among possible other variants.

  6. You are forgetting they also have gigantic knob end spacecraft.

  7. I like that theory of yours Scott, so CHEERS w/ more BEERS man. 🍺 👍


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