December 31, 2016

UFO Shoots Over Active Costa Rica Volcano To Drop Off And Pick Up Alien Passengers On Live Cam, Dec 30, 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Above is normal, below is negative format. You see a half a UFO disk in the mouth of the crater below the UFO. 

Did you notice the burst of energy above and below the UFO as it reached the volcanos summit? Its beaming up and down passengers.
Date of sighting: Dec 30, 2016
Location of sighting: Turrialba Volcano, Costa Rica

This UFO looks to be about 75 to 100 meters. Did you notice the burst of energy above and below the UFO as it reached the volcanos summit? Its beaming up and down passengers. The summit of the mountains has three volcano craters. This UFO displayed quite a show in Costa Rica yesterday when a video camera trained on Turrialba volcano captured an eruption as a meteor fireball flew overhead. The UFO made sure to come low in a hormonal position so that it could beam up supplies and people and drop them off. It only takes a split second for alien tech to accomplish so it should be no surprise to see it happen on video. I have told you that the older bases on Earth were placed in strategic locations tens of thousands of years ago. Strategic in that they were deliberately made below locations where few humans would dare venture like volcanos, north pole, under water, and such. Some of these bases still exist, for instance 5-6km below Turrialba Volcano. These ancient alien bases have many species of aliens in them, not just one. For example, the base below the castle at Rocca Pia, Italy has about 56 different species in it...some even mingled with humans for over 3 decades! (Friendship Case click here). Also the two other bases near Mexico City at Colima volcano and Popocatepetl, where ancient Aztecs and Mayans reported seeing gods entering and exiting the mouths. The evidence in this video below is undeniable truth that only reinforces the fact that aliens have bases on Earth and have been here thousands of years. 
Scott C. Waring


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  2. Excellent volcanic ET base theory youve explained Scott, & Happy New 2017 to all & Cheers w/ more Beers to all ya's see.👍🍺

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