3+ Mile High Tower Found On Mars Surface, Found On Google Mars Map, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Feb 2014, but released again this week.
Location of discovery: Mars
Source: Google Mars Map

I like his new video he made of this, but I don't have the coordinates for it as of yet, but will post it as soon as I receive them from Liemee Watcher. He found an inceadbily high and steep tower on the Mars Google map and it seems to reach about 3-4 miles up. If Google maps is correct, then this has to be an artificial structure to sustain the amount of stress and pressure put onto such a structure and its base. 
Scott C. Waring

Liemee Watcher of Youtube states: 

STRUCTURE WITH ENTRANCE?! I FOUND THIS WHAT LOOKS LIKE A ENTRANCE ON THIS STRUCTURE? INTERESTING,... LOOKING AROUND I FOUND WHAT SEEMS LIKE TRACKS AROUND WHERE THIS STRUCTURE IS?!..... I FOUND THE ENTRANCE,.... SEE IT HERE FIRST!! PLEASE READ..Mars! Strange object on google earth/Mars. i have up loaded a video ,..back in February 2014,...on this strange object!,.... i have had another look just resent,...(DEC 2015) and made,... this video! ,.LINK BELOW.....IMO,..to me the object seems to have put on a bit of wait!?,..seems to have got a bit bigger and seems to have a triangle shape at the back! different than my last video! my other video link below! MARS: STRUCTURE WITH ENTRANCE?! I FOUND THIS WHAT LOOKS LIKE A ENTRANCE ON THIS STRUCTURE? INTERESTING,...I Point out in the video! you can clearly see where it is! go have a look but remember !! liemeewatcher found it! :) back in feb! 2014,.. and i haven't seen it anywhere else on the net! well someone may have a copy! but just look at dates on the release! Mars/Moon Monolith's: Maybe Maybe Not?