January 24, 2017

Alien Ship Being Stored At South Pole On Google Earth Map! Jan 2017, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: January 23, 2017
Location of discovery: South Pole
Google coordinates: -66.273354, 100.984661

This is a great discovery sent to Tyler of SecureTeam10 of Youtube this week. He shows us a hidden canyon with a frozen lake area and a very large disk sticking out above the water. Google ruler says its 34 meters across. Thats just a tad bigger than a Boeing 737. I can't see under the rock where the disk is covered, but I assume its half hidden in a cave that was too small for it to fully fit into. This is a really amazing discovery and the ship has to be very close to the alien base, which is probably deep underground, 4-5km below the surface for safety. This needs more studying of the area it was found. I'm sure there must be more evidence around. 
Scott C. Waring


  1. Scott very good !
    But mate spacecraft has been in the sout pole
    since the third reich from adolf hitler admiral byrd documented his expedition and how his fleet got almost destroyed to half

    the engineers of the third reich were at time the most advanced scientists because they received their help from the Aryan Alien Race which is the father of the Aryan Heritage of Humans.

    they are till today still there and have a base. check out the lake thats wonder why completely hot water in it and middle in the south pole.

  2. Very interesting, and I have to ask, how come the government doesn't also find it interesting? The only thing which makes sense to me, is that they already know all about it, and are colluding in keeping it hidden. Considering the number of explorer type reality shows, wouldn't one think that someone would put forth the resources to find out exactly what it is. I mean just look at how much has been spent digging holes all over the Money Pit Island, and all they have found so far is some gold chain, and a few coins.

  3. Maybe this is why the republicans are so eager to accelerate global warming to melt the ice and get at the alien tech.

  4. Amazing what is it, I found another mystery signs symobol in the snow near this UFO. Watch
    66°17'10.50"S 100°29'7.96"E on Google Earth

  5. Watch this near this Object on Google Earth, signes in the snow.

    66°17'10.50"S 100°29'7.96"E