A few interesting alien artifacts that I found today on Mars, Jan 2017, 6 photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: January 26, 2017
Location of discovery: Mars
Source photo: http://www.gigapan.com/gigapans/195510

Here are just a few alien artifacts that I found in a Mars photo today. Above see see the well carved lines of a corner stone. Below are many other artifacts like a carved face with a crown, a long perfectly shaped hollow pipe sticking out of the rubble and much more. Going through these photos makes me feel for them. Mars looks like a difficult place already to survive, but for a disaster to hit on such scale that it would destroy stone or 3D printed solid materials like this, its just mind blowing. There was also an entrance to one of the large solid structures, but the entrance had a closed door to it that was rectangle in shape, compared to the entrance with was curved in shape. 
Scott C. Waring