January 7, 2017

Ancient Statues On Mars And Solid Gold Writing Found, Jan 2017, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: January 2017
Location of discovery: Mars

I found this statue of a person that is similar to some ancient sculptures on Earth long ago. The statue also has a second one near it, its face I made yellow and the other orange to help you see it better. There was also a gold world...I say gold, because the material is gold, which I find a lot in NASA photos. Near the single gold word is a drawing in gold of a bull. Also a few tiny structures, but the entrances are in the shape of faces and the doors are the mouth area. There was also a single bone laying out on the surface. I do not believe that NASA could explain any of this away, even if they tried. 

This are of Mars is so odd, I am wondering about all the broken structures...they look more like intelligent tiny creatures the size of termites made them. Have you ever seen termite mounds above the ground? This is what some of their larger structures look like, but with levels. This species seems to have a hive mentality, working together to create a hive mind...something that humanity will have difficulty relating too since each person try to emphasis their own individuality. This difficulty we have, may also be making us overlook important evidence right in front of the NASA rovers.
Scott C. Waring-Taiwan


  1. I really hope that when there is a manned mission to mars that everything will be shared with the public,
    But I have my doubts considering NASAs track record!!

  2. Until all the old boys club is gone, and the world is capable of handling the knowledge as a whole... I doubt it too.

  3. I really think you have lost the plot with the "faces" you see and the figures, plus the comments you make about what the aliens do how would you know, are you aboard their ships and talking to them, give us a break.

  4. I really think you have lost the plot with the "faces" you see and the figures, plus the comments you make about what the aliens do how would you know, are you aboard their ships and talking to them, give us a break.

  5. That gold & including even more assorted Strategic Mineral Wealth mtr'ls that the SecGov't & there subordinates those selected & vetted "GRB aKa Global Robber Baron" wall st crooks & other selected global economic criminals just might know of mars vast mineral wealth that theyve been informed about asside the other potential dangerous formalities that exist on mars to keep there skemeful minds & the SecGov'ts stationed SSP operatives from easily & permanently setting up a wall st connected minerals trade shop racket front op there & thereby as a result totally plundering the planet to regional toxic hell like there earth based cohorts do on regions on earth whos YOUR WORLD for the time being, so then everyone lets take a nano sec to tink & tink about this some more w/ out a one size fits all Thinking Helmet straped on & fully activated ok, so would one conclude that this potential exponential martian mineral wealth thats there is perhaps one reason among many assorted reasons that may cause the SecGov't & NASA to continue the martian cover up ruse to the gen earth pub including the continuing photographic evisceration smear campaign's on those varied multi cultural past Full Human Humanoid & hybrid inhabitants staue figures & there exotic technologies, writings & regional history's that they furvently continue to smear to the gen masses of earth yr after yr after yr...

    Im suspecting that the SecGov't & there vetted & selected economic cohorts just may expect something big to occure down here soon anyways, so im tinking you zee that they may tink such as this; "why say anything regarding mars to a global & ignorant society THATS DAYS ARE NUMBERED w/ in 10-20yrs anyway, or they will continue to say to the "Pyramidal Uninitiated" masses of earth "vee know nothing nothing & vill show nothing nothing" from NASA.😎

  6. Replies
    1. Well Mr/Ms Unknown lets not forget Mr D Dumps sordid & sleazy Back Room Deals that he expertly does so well & thats a major part of his shiestering background portfolio history, that is if you choose to consider this fact about this illegitimate selected global disaster to come EVERYONES way.

  7. What other gold writing have you found Scott?? It'd be cool to see some more examples- compelling stuff!