Chile Navy Release 10 Min of UFO Footage In Infrared, Gov Calls It 100% Real, 3 Videos, UFO Sighting Daily.

Date of sighting: Nov 11, 2014 but released this week
Location of sighting: Along ocean area of Chile, Vina Del Mar

This incredible raw military footage was captured by two naval officers on a military helicopter with a high tech infrared camera with computer target tracking. The footage was taken by Santiago when they were flying at an altitude of 4,500 feet up. They first noticed the UFO with the naked eye when they were 34 to 40 miles away from it. The helicopter pilots were a Navy captain and  a camera technician who's specially falls into this area, so with an expert like him behind this high tech military grade IR camera...this UFO was not going to escape from being recorded. They captured ten full minutes of video that is absolutely mind blowing. The captain stated that the UFO was a "flat, elongated structure with two thermal spotlights-like discharges that did not coincide with the axis of motion." During this chase, the pilot contacted two different radar towers, but both were unable to track the UFO the pilot was recording. The pilots helicopter radar also failed to pick up this alien craft, and yet they it was big enough to notice 40 miles away and record for over 10 minutes! The pilot of the helicopter did attempt to contact the UFO with his radio, but there was not reply, probably because alien craft communicate in different ways than our old ancient radio waves. This ground breaking footage realised by the Chile government and their statement of it having been analysed and scrutinised for over 2 years before its release, only adds to the authenticity and importance of this sighting. Also something thats really amazing is that the helicopter records the UFO MAKING A CLOUD!!! Thats right. The UFO makes a long thick trail...which I knew it could because it has four cloud spray coming from it, but to see it, to get military confirmation about what I have been saying almost daily on this site feels really good. I believe this UFO made this cloud trail behind it, because it was releasing some drones...probes if you will that will collect the data and scans that the aliens want. It must have been very important, because the UFO itself was visible but the drones were hidden in the cloud cover. A simple magic trick of watching what the right hand is doing, while the the coin is really in the left hand. Simple and yet amazing. 
Scott C. Waring

 Notice that the above photo of the UFO has four streams of clouds coming out. When this exits the UFO it quickly becomes a cloud.