Silver Disk Seen Over Sutherland Springs, Texas During Day, Jan 21, 2017, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: January 21, 2017 
Location of sighting: Sutherland Springs, Texas, USA
News source: MUFON #81691

Here is a cool sighting just in today. A thick silver disk was moving over Texas when a guy noticed it and snapped four photos before the UFO shot off. You will notice some dark rectangles on the UFO, those are windows. Its very rare to get such a sweet shot of a UFO during daylight hours. Because of this, we can clearly make out the windows as well as its metallic shell. The UFO also has a rigged look to it instead of a smooth even look. 

Now, this reminds me of the Stephenville UFO incident that took place back in January 8, 2008. It happened just 140 miles from this new sighting at Sutherland Springs. It too was metallic but it was a rectangle craft that was 300 meters long and seen by hundreds including the local sherif, but the UFO then continued making a bee line to Presidents Bush ranch near Crawford...after that the gov says the UFO was off radar, but we all know radar will cover the Bush ranch. All this happened not far from this new sighting. I believe they are connected. But is it a secret USAF project making these part alien part human craft or is it truly 100% alien? 

Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states: 
Witness was loading PVC pipe into the back of his pick-up parked at the diesel pump at the VP gas station / convenience store on Hwy 87 in Sutherland Springs. Witness was facing southeast when he first saw the object to the southeast. It's silver reflective color caught his attention (mid day, bright sunlight). It was hovering approximately 450 feet southeast of witness's position, about 300-400 off the ground, to the right / SE of Hwy 87. Witness had no idea what it could be so he continued to watch it. He describes the object as a silver disc about 8 - 10 feet in diameter. Did not see any other markings or shapes (ie dome, lights, etc). From it's hovering position it made an "erratic" sudden move to the right (south)then ascended somewhat, tilted and began moving off toward the northeast, crossing Hwy 87. Witness took out is cell phone and took four photos as the object flew off toward the north. Witness describes the motion of the object as it was flying off as an extended arc, similar to skeet being launched on a gun range. 

Witness remained in has position behind his truck throughout the sighting. He did not hear, smell or sense anything else from the object. The sighting lasted approximately 45 seconds from when it was first noticed until it flew out of sight. Witness states that later in the day, he felt some anxiety, but does not think this was related to this sighting. 

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  1. yo scott - please check out this gigapan picture. http://www.gigapan.com/gigapans/195511
    It has little aliens in it.. looks like a camp with ruins everywhere..this is crazy. you have to magnify down to see them


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