Alien Footprints Found In Ancient Syria At Temple Of Ain Dara, UFO Sighting News.

Date of footprints: 1300 BC to 700 BC
Location of footprints: Din Dara Temple, Syria

If you look at these footprints they look realistic. They have the indention between the toes and and do not look carved, but pressed into it. Syria holds a lot of the world greatest empires in archeological history. Its very possible that some large aliens came down for a visit to this ancient temple and left footprints here. 

Imagine being an alien sent to Earth to inspect their current technological wonders, their technological advancements. Two and half thousand years ago, Syria is where you would land. 

Such giants have been seen before in UFO history. Back in Sept 27, 1989 in Voronezh, Russia four children saw three aliens that were 3 meters tall and a robot walking on the edge of the city. In July 4, 1989 three meter tall aliens were seen in Tbilisi, Georgia and contacted humans.  In Jan 1970 in Imjarvi, Finland skiers encountered an alien three meters tall on the mountain. Don't forget the King of Mars I found in a NASA photo that was close to 8 meters tall (click her to see). Also do you remember the 80 meter metal skeleton I found on comet P67 last year? (click here to view skeleton).

And in contrast, aliens in the Apollo mission in Delporte crater, earths moon, found that in the abandoned cigar ship they entered there was clear tube tunnels as wide as a baseball along the inner hull of the craft with 2-3cm bipedal skeletons inside, even though the pilot was 5'8" about...a woman, with an anbilical cord from her nose to the pilot controls and in a coma like stasis, they brought her back to Earth. 

Size matters only in our minds. There are aliens that are