February 10, 2018

Many UFOs Bigger Than Our Moon Skimming Surface Of Sun, Feb 2018, Video, UFO Sighting News.

At any given time there are hundreds of UFOs in orbit around our sun, but the orbit is so low that they often skim the surface of the sun. It is widely believed that these UFO are searching out rare and valuable particles of energy that humanity still has yet to discover. The UFOs don't just move to the new locations to collect the energy, they leap at light speed. Check out some of the UFOs in this video that TheWatcher252 of Youtube caught this week. 
Scott C. Waring


  1. Would this affect the sun's magnetic field? And overall might?

    1. After watching hundreds of ufo lrger than earth feed off the sun and hve footage of many craft entering ad exiting the sun wh could be a black hole sun. Theyre either sucking he sun for thier own purpose or to help in the future in case Nibiru makes an appearance . Five days ago we had a Coronal mass ejection spit directly at earth, prepare for new earthquakes and someone to get a week of perfect wather. REMEMBER K TREVELLION THE SUN IS ICE COLD UNTIL THE UV SPECTRUM HITS OUR ATMOSPHERE AND THEN HEATS UP DUE TO OXYGEN AND NITROGEN. We really could have a BLACK HOLE SUN WHICH ARE REALLY WORMHOLE ENTRANCES BECAUSE F THE IMMENSE PWER NEEDED. NIBIRU PHOTOGRAPHS AVAILABLE FROM TIME OF CORONAL MASS EJECTION. This s brand new evidence and what you see leaves no other explanation. I hope this gets to you? Why bother having comments scott when the last five days of my comms haven't appeared mate. Feel free to chat t me on G+ as im trying to understand wtf? Would you sell this site so it can continue to grow? Looking forward to yor reply mate. :)

    2. Because the sun is so large its earths fied that gets scrambled