A Compilation Video Of Many Of The UFO Reports Coming Out This Week, March 2018, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sightings: March 2018
Location of sightings: worldwide

Here are some great compilations of the recent UFO sightings and reports this week coming out of MUFON. Some of them are really eye openers an get you wondering. Thats why we are interested in the subject, the mystery of it all pulls us toward it. 
Scott C. Waring

MUFON 90433 Wheeling, WV, USA 2017-08-21
MUFON 90438 Lowell, MA, USA 2018-02-26
MUFON 90442 Tampa, FL, USA 2018-02-25
MUFON 90460 Cascais, PT 2012-05-30
MUFON 90496 Naples, FL, USA 2018-02-28
MUFON 90502 Woodstock, IL, USA 2018-02-26
MUFON 90503 Marysville, WA, USA 2018-03-01
MUFON 90523 Dearborn Heights, MI, USA 2018-03-02
MUFON 90552 Baltimore, MD, USA 2017-10-24
MUFON 90555 London, UK 2018-01-16


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