March 5, 2018

UFO Crashes On Deserted Island And Leaves Trail Many KM Behind It! March 2018, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: March 5, 2018
Location of sighting: 54°39'44.62"S 36°11'42.47"W

This is awesome. A possible UFO crash site has been found out in the secluded area of the ocean in the center of an island covered in snow and ice. As it crashed it left and even trail all the way behind it. We know this is no icebreaker ship, because its in the middle of the island! Its over 10km away from the ocean! So...something appears to have fallen on the soft snow, attempting a safe landing. Excellent report by SecureTeam10 of Youtube
Scott C. Waring


  1. Very good find! It's very unlikely it's a submarine as I explain why...One obvious explanation is the object is located on a land based Island in snow! A submarine does not make a perfect trail like that because usually submarines will leave a obvious trail of broken up ice behind it and submarines travel under the ice then rise up breaking the ice from underneath in one spot! We see none of this here! The current indentation of the objects trail suggests it's possibly recent from when the picture was taken as the object itself is covered in snow! Something did indeed crash land here so therefore is a UFO! Also if you look carefully there is a blurred area near the bottom side of the object suggesting its been altered!

  2. Gday scott hope your well. You obviously aren't printing comments after many attempts at conversation. We are friends on g+ and Fakebook. It would be nice to chat again and help me understand whats going on with this site. People are willing to help make this the most popular site again mate. One keeps being ignored. Me. WTF mate ?

  3. It's interesting. I only wonder that the "Ship" is totally covered with snow, but the rails are still visible. How come ?

    1. Zoom in and you can see a clear divide live between the front and back of image where it has been blurred out by Google.

  4. This to me look like a planecrash. Same size as a Boeing 777. The missing plane MH370 was a
    Boing 777, could it be? Should not, ITS to far away. So next step, can someone check the same spot in different times? Would be easy to search for missing planes if we knew the time, or year at least.

    If I was to select a crash sight with limited options, I would choose this exact spot. Downhill in a snowy mountain. Winge most likely broken off and buried in the snow ..

    Well, this mis my takke on this one.. and I am true beliver inn Ufo’s