March 22, 2018

Giant Alien Head Found On Mars And Labeled By NASA As "Chryse Alien!" March 22, 2018, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: March 22, 2018
Location of discovery: Mars

This interesting tidbit of info I just found on a NASA site. This was found and recorded by NASA on Jan 26, 2005 and yet no one has never heard of it till now. 

This crater on Mars is called the "Chryse Alien." Yeah, you heard me right. NASA named it after an alien! They see an alien face here! The measurement bar in the upper left of the photo tells us how long 150 meters is, so this head is about 350 meters by 400 meters. The two eyes are each over 250 meters long! and perfectly matched in size and width! The ridges along its center forehead  shows a unique feature of the alien not often seen. 
Scott C. Waring-Taiwan


  1. It seems just like on Earth, One species seems to have a problem with the othe by 'Slashing' or Crossing it out like a rival faction....

  2. Oh yeah just remembeed footage, i gotta transfer or maybe easily do through messenger

    1. Upload to youtube, drop the link here. I will have a serious look at it, thanks.

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    1. I never give in, never give up. I think out of the box. I refuse to allow the TV News to dictate how I think and react to the world around me. I am stronger than that.

  4. The two eyes are actually not perfect. Neither are the ridges. Could be wind though im guessing....looks like wind.