Emerald City Found On Moon In NASA Photo Index, July 2018, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: July 18, 2018
Location of discovery: Earths moon
Source photo: (21MB) http://ser.sese.asu.edu/MOON/CLEM_COLOR/moon.tiff

I founds some mind-blowing alien structures in this large moon photo from the Univ of Arizona index controlled by the USGS and NASA. 

The most remarkable thing I found was an emerald green dome over a crater. Reminds me of the Emerald City from the Wizard of Oz. 

There were also two large black shiny domes over craters not far away. I'm not sure how astronomers around the world have ignored such discoverers, but from my research I have learned that NASA has donated a lot of money to observatories around the world, probably to control their research and their released findings. 

Its up to us, the public to release the truth about the existence of aliens. The truth is...every planet and moon in our solar system has had alien life upon it or within it.
Scott C. Waring