My experience (again)

I was asked to post my experience on r/UFOs but the mods seemed to think it wasn’t relevant so I’ll post it here.
Disclaimer: it could be a reoccurring dream but it is weird and does match alien abduction stories. I remember it very vividly too. At 4 years old, I’d not watched anything ufo related on tv as it was 1988 and was a way off the X Files and I’d not watched close encounters.
So, when I was 4, I had just moved into my new bedroom. Over a few nights I had a reoccurring dream. I would wake up and look up out of my window. A tiny white dot would fly in from the left hand side high up in the sky. It would stop above the house and sit there. Next, the dream went one of two ways.
Either I’d see two “ghosts” floating outside my window, or there would be “ghosts” in my room tickling me and trying to play with me with a really ominous clown like laugh.
I’d scream and run to the other side of my bedroom but there would be a force tugging me. The ghosts would be floating and watching me. Sometimes, I’d manage to pull myself out of the door and down the stairs. And even sometimes into the living room.
I’d get there and either it would be empty, or my parents would be sitting in there watching tv, but they would have blank expressions and the tv would have static. I’d turn around and see the ghosts floating towards me. They’d grab me and pull me back upstairs but I’d be floating.
Somehow, I’d go through the wall or window and go up. Like a hatch. I’d find myself in a large cylindrical room with a podium in the middle which was illuminated by a light from above. The walls were like a cold metal with the pattern like a tortoise shell (but flat, not relief)... a better explanation is like if you empty a dog food can and it holds its shape. That greasy dog food pattern. Weird, I know.
The ghosts would take me up to the podium where I’d meet a tall person who I called the witch. She was spindly and wore a big hat. She would tell me that she was going to ask me three questions but if I got one wrong, they’d have to let me go.
I’d always try to answer but get the first one wrong. Then a trapdoor would open and I’d drop. Next thing I know, I’d wake up in bed with a bounce.
This happened many times between 4 and 11, but when I was 11, I told them I didn’t want them to do it any more, and they said ok, and stopped. That was it.
In 2012, my brother helped my dad clear the loft and pulled out a load of old school books. One of them was a school book I had from November 1988. I was 6. On one of the pages, I’d written a simplified version of the story I just wrote, called “nightmares”. The weird thing was that the story had a picture on the next page. The window is clear with my bunk bed wire mesh above me and there is a glow around the window. A weird egg like thing is floating outside with a beam coming from it, and a “ghost” in the corner which looks remarkably like a grey.
In 2014, I heard about abductee Steven Jones who’s book “An invitation to the dance” had a similar experience of aliens in his bedroom and meeting someone he called “the witch”.
I explained this to my mum recently who got uncomfortable and reluctantly told me she used to sense someone in her room watching her when she was a child.
When my (now 2 years old) son was 12-16 months, he had “night terrors”. He woke up screaming and kept pointing at the window and if we put him near it, he’d scream harder.
Anyway, here’s a link to the images from my 1988 workbook... enjoy.
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