orb encounter in my bedroom only weeks after alien sighting???. has this been experienced by anyone else and what does it mean?

hi! i’m 17 years old and live about 15 minutes away from columbus, oh. this is a story i’ve only told a few because honestly my sister and i feel crazy. one night my 15yo sister n i are sitting outside my aunts house in baltimore. this town is super low in population and low in light pollution as well. the stars are magnificent out there and we spend a lot of time over at my aunts to enjoy the quiet and nature. we were sitting on the porch smoking a bowl (no we weren’t just stoned, i have video evidence of this strange encounter) we were looking at the stars talking about life. then all the sudden, south of us in these tree lines we start seeing a light rise. it’s fairly big, about the size of the moon in the sky. were in shock at first and are thinking, “damn this is some good weed” lol. this is where it gets weird.. the big glowing ball of light that it was, has now turned black and has several smaller glowing lights at the bottom of it. it then turns flat down and flying toward us. this thing is fucking MASSIVE. about 30 ft wide.. (it was circular). i’ve been to many air shows watching planes and this was nothing man made... it made a weird humming noise, something electronic like.. it got closer and we started recording it. it then hovered over us for about 10 seconds, this thing was low, about the height of a tall pine tree... we couldn’t even watch it zoom away because it disappeared... we’ve watched that video over and over again trying to explain what it could’ve been..
only a few short weeks after this we were sitting in my room in the basement watching breaking bad. and we see this flash out of the corner of our eyes, we then stare at the other side of my room confused and this fucking ORB appears. it’s sitting there for about 2 seconds and starts flashing. we’re crying and screaming for my brother who’s in his room also in the basement and my mom in the living room. waiting for someone to come in. and then it disappeared. were certain it was alien contact again. this orb was fucking huge. we’re still crying and my brother walks in and asks what’s going on. we told him we were screaming for him and he told us he never heard anything.. same for my mum when we asked why she didn’t come down. she said she never heard us screaming. someone PLEASE explain this or say i’m not crazy. i’m paranoid something is going to come back. i’m very interested in aliens or paranormal stuff but do they mean harm? was that just a coincidence.... i will try to upload a video of the aircraft.
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