Possible UFOs Depart Earth!

Possible UFOs Depart Earth!
Hi people,
I want to apologise for the horrible quality. I promise to get recording software soon. This evening I recorded a massive cigar-shaped UFO leaving Earth. It is possibly a rocket or missile but could also be a shooting star or meteorite maybe? Looks like it is leaving Earth but I don't know for sure. It goes by very quick so you might have to slow down the video to see it. The UFO is in near the middle/end of the video. But you will definitely see it without any alterations to the video. Really sorry for the terrible quality. Feel bad about the blurry video. But if you watch the whole thing you can definitely see the massive cigar shaped grey object leaving Earth. It is really cool. Could be a rocket or missile or something. I paused the video just as I saw this object to get the screenshot but went by too fast in real time to get the screenshot from YouTube unfortunately. Anyhow, here is the footage. What do you think? Are they just glitches? Hard to tell in the video but in the live stream you could tell they happened in space not from the camera.
Two UFOs Speed Past Earth Into Outer Space...Or are they glitches?
Massive Cigar-Shaped UFO
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